L’Occitane Hands Celebration Set

I love working with makeup all day long, but it is a very messy job. I am washing and sanitizing my hands all day long, which keeps them clean, but dries them out. My hands are often cracked, and battered after a full day on a shoot. The last thing a client wants is for me to apply moisturizer to their face with hands that feel like a cracked tree branch. Not pretty.

In order to save my clients from such an unfortunate experience, I have been purchasing the L’Occtaine Hands Celebration Set for the past few years.   L’Occtaine is known for their incredible shea butter hand creams, and lotions. The line is all natural, uses plant based oils, and 78% of their products are paraben free. My mother introduced me to these hand creams years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. The reason I love this holiday trio is that the sizes are perfect for my kit, my purse, and my travel bag. Here are the luscious details:

The set includes:
Lavender Hand Cream: Antiseptic properties, enriched with plant oils and honey extract.
Shea Butter Hand Cream: the best seller! 20% shea butter without the oily residue.
Shea Vanilla Hand Cream: the original with a hint of vanilla.

Ingredients include:
– Shea (all): Softens, nourishes, and smoothes skin.
– A.O.C. Lavender Essential Oil (Lavender Hand Cream): Gently perfumes and soothes the skin.
– Rosemary Extract (Lavender Hand Cream): Helps to “de-stress” the skin.
– Vitamin E (Lavender Hand Cream): Helps encourage cell renewal.
– Honey, Sweet Almond Extract, Glycerin, and Marshmallow (Shea Butter Hand Cream): Leave skin feeling soft and fortified.
– Essence of African Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang (Shea Butter Hand Cream): Provides a pleasant olfactory sensation.
– Vanilla Extract from Madagascar (Shea Vanilla Hand Cream): Provides a warm and delicious scent of vanilla.

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