How To Apply Liquid Liner Like A Boss

How To Apply Liquid Liner Like A Boss

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Today’s question is, “How to get a precise line with liquid eyeliner?”
Well, the key for this is to make sure that you have a liquid eyeliner that has a felt tip pen that is thin and precise.
    • You also want a liquid liner that has a handle thick enough so you can grip it with a strong hold.
    • First want to hold your eyelid taut and look down.
    • When you’re doing this at home, you look at a mirror downwards.
    • The key is to start on the outer end and to gently push the liner along your lash line. Instead of trying to draw a straight line, work with the natural line of your eye by pushing the liquid liner as close to the base of your lashes as possible.
    • Because of the felt tip, this will give you a naturally straight line.
    • As you can see, that instantly gives a nice, close line to the eye without fumbling around trying to draw an immediate straight line right off the bat.
    • Close your eyes again.
    • You can go further in, once again staying as close to that lash line as possible in tiny featherlike strokes.
    • And, there you go – an easy and straightforward way to get a thin liquid lash line.
    • You don’t have to draw a straight line right off the get-go.
    • Just stay near the lashes in tiny featherlike strokes, and you’ll have it done in one simple step. 

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