It’s a Lipstick, Not a Lamborghini

Hello…it’s me, Kim, the new Makeup Blogger. I am a professional makeup artist with more than a decade of experience and have catapulted myself into the blogosphere. We’ve been working really hard this last month to bring you an upgraded website with an enhanced look and feel. (Stay tuned for the relaunch date.) We will bring fresh perspectives from contributing writers, industry experts and additional collaborators. We are noting your feedback on our social media platforms and are thrilled that you continue to subscribe to our newsletter. Your input will certainly be incorporated into the new content.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all an extraordinary International Women’s Day! Do something badass to celebrate yourself and the other influential women who have shaped your life in a meaningful way—directly or indirectly.

I specifically remember International Women’s Day in 2001. My brother was studying abroad in Hanoi and I was there visiting him. It’s a Vietnamese tradition for men to buy the women in their lives flowers, even if it is one petal, for Women’s Day. If your body circulates estrogen, you will receive some kind of flower product from a man, whether you are his teacher, co-worker, significant other or family member.

As a recent college graduate from a first-world nation, I was struck that this war-ravaged developing country of my heritage was celebrating this occasion as something like a progressive Valentine’s Day. And yet, Vietnam also holds a cultural ethos that women are deemed inferior to men; it was a perplexing contradiction.

As women, we experience contradictory messages about all sorts of topics, especially about what is deemed beautiful. For better or worse, these messages affect our identities and how we feel about ourselves.

It is not unusual for women to feel outside the accepted beauty mold, despite the varnished versions of ourselves we may project to the world. Issues of identity, empowerment, individuality and tolerance–fused together–dominate the zeitgeist these days. From #Oscarssowhite to Lena Dunham’s body, we are actively exploring society’s parameters, in terms of what’s considered “normal” and “acceptable”. I’m really excited to dig into these conversations with you.

The Makeup Blogger will celebrate many variations of female beauty. Specifically, I am excited to empower women to utilize makeup as a tool while exploring the other nuances of what we deem to be beautiful. Let’s face it (pun intended), makeup is a powerful tool.

A few years ago, I worked on a client who was getting ready for an event at home, but was en route to another venue to change her clothes. We exited her building together, and she was wearing just sweats and one of those dreadful sleeping bag coats that are necessary for the survival of brutal New York winters. And yet, neighbors remarked upon how pretty she looked, in spite of her wardrobe. Again, makeup had done its job.

I could give you countless examples from my professional experience. Ask celebrities and other image makers about what makeup can do, and they will agree it is transformative and powerful.

We are all evolving and changing constantly; let’s broaden the palette, and have some fun. Although it’s powerful, makeup is still… makeup. Remember: It’s a lipstick, not a Lamborghini.

I look forward to creating to creating a unique, dynamic and beautiful community, together.  Enjoy International Women’s Day and month!

The best is yet to come,

XO Kim

Proprietor & Chief Editor

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