Laura Geller Spackle Makeup Primer

Laura Geller Spackle Primer

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I got such a great response yesterday from my post about Laura Geller Out The Door Kit, that I decided to do a follow up post regarding her fantastic Laura Geller Spackle.  This primer is one of my favorites because of its superb hydration.  I also adore the fact that it comes in three illuminating formulations.  I am a huge proponent of primers that have a light reflecting quality in them.  The iridescence in primers helps to provide a “lit from within” appearance to any foundation you layer it under.  I have personally used the Bronze, and Champagne formulations, and have even blended them both for a customized glow.  These primers are excellent for those of us with drier skin, and who want to boost your foundations moisture factor.

Kevin James Bennett lists this primer as one of his top choices on his In My Kit website, which is the makeup artist bible for must haves to keep in your professional kit.  His review states:

“OK…so it’s not a very flattering name for a beauty product. But that’s exactly what it does…spackle on a whole new surface for a significantly smoother foundation application on rougher skin textures. The newest version contains white tea and other botanicals which help skin retain moisture and look even smoother than the original formula. 

Bonus Round:

Round 1) Helps to mask the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines.

Round 2) Enables foundation to sit on top of the skin rather than melting into expression lines and accentuating exactly what we’re trying to disguise.

Extra Credit Round: Now in an air-free pump so you get every last drop.”

Here are the details:

  • Made with natural plant extracts and the powerful anti-oxidants, White Tea and Centella Asiatica.
  • These ingredients protect the skin along with Aloe Vera Gel. Spackle also helps the skin retain moisture, feel softer and look smoother.
  • It is lush, incredibly lightweight and suitable for all skin types.
  • Comes in Clear, Etherial, Bronze, and Champagne.



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