Laura Geller Out The Door Makeup Kit

Laura Geller Out the Door Makeup Kit

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It is a well known fact that I love makeup that is created with ease, and functionality in mind.  We are all extremely busy, and don’t have the time every day to spend 10-15 min making ourselves look presentable.  So, on those days when I have NO time, but dont want to run out of the house bare faced, I grab my trusty Laura Geller Out the Door kit.  It is made for those of us constantly on the run!

The amazing thing about this kit is that it gives a fresh, youthful glow and takes under a minute to apply.  Love!  And the best part is that it comes with your very own pair of “hide those bags under my eyes” sunglasses.  The essential Hollywood trick.

Laura Geller herself expains her inspiration:

“This kit was inspired by my very own morning routine. I always teach my Geller Girls the secrets to getting out the door in the morning quickly yet still looking fabulous! I believe that all anyone needs is a moisturizing, shimmery layer of Spackle®, a swirl of Balance, a touch of color on the cheeks and a pop of color on the lips.  PS – Don’t forget your shades! Speaking of shades, this pair was designed to replicate my very own pair! These stylish, oversized tortoise shell sunglasses will hide your tired eyes and make you look like a starlet! They even come in their own custom pouch!”

The Kit:

  • Spackle® Tinted Under Make-up Primer in Champagne:  Smooth a thin layer over your clean, moisturized face. Use alone all over face for a radiant complexion, or wear under foundation, over moisturizer, to increase the longevity and durability of your makeup.
  • Ethereal Rose Radiant Face Powder/ Balance-n-Brighten in Regular:  After applying Balance-n-Brighten all over face, apply Ethereal Rose to add a smooth, healthy-looking radiance to complete your look! Or just use on cheeks as a soft and pretty blush.
  • Lip Shine SPF 15 in Morning Bloom:  Slip over bare lips or glaze over a favorite lipstick.

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