Lancôme Dual Finish Powder Foundation

Lancôme Dual Finish Powder Foundation

Image by Lancome USA

My best friend Nikki has always been my makeup guinea pig.  She gets to try everything I buy, and I paint her face with crazy new makeup looks all the time.  She is always enthusiastic to try anything I give her,  but she is also the first to tell me when something is less than stellar.  She is a minimalist with her own daily routine, and likes her makeup to look clean and natural….and take less than 5 minutes to apply.   All this being said, when Nikki likes a makeup product I know it must be good.   I also know it will be a product that is quick and easy to use, and doesn’t feel like she has any makeup on.

So, what does she praise, you ask?   Well, she has been wearing and loving Lancôme Dual Finish Powder Foundation for over 5 years now.  She swears by it.  Luckily, she carries it around everywhere, and I am constantly digging in her purse to use it for a touch up.  She is thrilled with the fact that there is a product out there that SHE turned me onto!   And it’s true, this is a great powder.

Makeup Artist Tip: It is called dual finish because it can be used wet or dry.  Used with a dry sponge it leaves a very soft, barely there finish, reminiscent of a translucent pressed powder.  Yet, although the coverage is light, it does help to even out the skin tone and cover up redness.  When used with wet sponge, this powder becomes more of medium coverage, dewy finish foundation.  I tried it this way on myself the other week, and it looked beautiful.  Nikki mainly uses this as a touch up powder throughout the day, and that I how I use it too (when I am stealing it from her, of course).  But, this would be an outstanding option for a working woman who needs to take her look from natural to nighttime in a flash.

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  1. OMG! I have the exact same friend that I do this same stuff to! My friends name is April and it is so funny cuz it was like I was reading about her and myself instead of you and nikki! Just another way we are so awesomely alike!

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