How to Apply Korean Eyelid Tape for Instantly Bigger Eyes (VIDEO)

Korean Eyelid Tape For Asian Monolids

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Monolids are a gorgeous genetic gift for many Asian women (see Margaret Zhang above who is of Chinese decent). But for some, it’s more of an obstacle to keeping the precisely lined eye impeccable or keeping your eye makeup intact. If this is something that bothers you, let Korean Eyelid Tape come to your rescue. (You may have noticed that Korean beauty is quickly changing our beauty and grooming habits.)      

A monolid consists of small or nonexistent eyelid creases. The lack of eyelids can cause ones eyes to look smaller, which is less than preferable if you aspire to bat doey eyes like Bambi. Additionally, eye makeup smears more easily because of the limited surface area you have to apply eyeliner and mascara. Many times, black liquid ends up smudging all over the eyelid or bottom lash line, which defeats the purpose when your handiwork ends up looking like an oil spill!

It’s not out of the ordinary for Asian women to go under the knife to create that coveted crease, many times referred to as the “double eyelid.” However, there is a noninvasive option known as eyelid tape, a sliver-thin piece of double-sided adhesive which originated in Korea. It can be used to add a noticeable fold to your eyelids or even out asymmetrical creases. Certain types of tapes allow for makeup application, but not all. Check each package to make sure. The width of the tape can also vary, so if you want a bigger crease, go for the wider tape. Like other beauty tips and tricks, the Korean eyelid tape application definitely requires practice.    

How To Apply Korean Tape on Monolids:

Check out how I changed the shape of my eyelids in the video and tell me what you think in the comments below! Would you try this? 



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