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When I am working, the most important thing is to make sure my products are clean, and sanitized at all times.  There is nothing worse than looking at a grimy makeup kit.  My clients want to know that I am taking care of their needs by making sure my products are free of bacteria and filth that can build up from repeated use.  You never want to cross contaminate your products!

Two of the most important products in my kit are my BeautySoClean Makeup Spray and Wipes.  I cherish the fact that my clients can witness me disinfecting my products after each application.  I simply spray down my cream foundations, powders, and blushes to ensure that they are sanitized perfection.  The wipes are amazing to keep my mascaras, lip glosses, and lipsticks fresh and bacteria free.  I never have to worry about using a product on multiple clients, because I am confident that I am always ensuring the products productivity by keeping them free from grime and oil buildup.  I cannot stress enough how important BeautySoClean is!  Even for personal use, these wipes are a stupendous way to keep your make up from absorbing oil, and the accumulation of bacteria that can cause acne (disgusting!).  The BeautySoClean line is a perfect way to protect your makeup investments.

Here are the details:

“In a laboratory study Beauty So Clean was clinically proven to effectively remove Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Escherichia Coli (E. coli).  These bacterium were found on makeup from personal makeup bags and in-store tester displays.  BeautySoClean has been specially formulated with the perfect balance of alcohol and emollients. So, not only will it never dry out or degrade your products, it actually will not alter the pigments!”

Spray:  Oils from your skin and skincare products ultimately wind up on the surfaces of your makeup, leaving bacteria behind; but daily use of Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist on new makeup will remove bacteria and keep your products looking new.

Wipes: Using a Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipe on your lip-gloss wand, mascara wands or lipstick tubes after each application will help prevent this contamination and ensures that they stay fresh and bacteria free.

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