Kate Upton: Creating Curves

Kate Upton

Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

If you don’t immediately recognize the name, the face and body are sure to strike a chord. Kate Upton has grazed an excess of magazine covers lately, including her second Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover as well as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire.

However, it’s not just Kate’s dangerous curves and flawless face that keeps her name in the headlines. Kate has been quite outspoken about her love for her body and claims that while she will work out to maintain a good figure, she will never starve herself and loves the fact that she’s not the typical, ultra thin supermodel. Kate was recently called out by the author of a blog known as “Skinny Gossip” for being, ‘fat with huge thighs, and terrible body definition’. All we can say is, if this is what fat looks like, please hand us a cheeseburger and milkshake ASAP!

Curves aside, Upton truly has a beautiful face. For this look, Kate powered down her sex appeal a bit and went for a classic look of side swept hair, glowing skin, and light makeup. To recreate the look, follow these tips!

SKIN: This look is all about clear, flawless skin.

• To ensure your skin is camera ready, try one of the new complexion perfecting high definition starter kits by Smashbox.
• The kit includes an oil free primer to deflect shine and keep makeup in its place, high definition concealer for dark circles and imperfections, high definition foundation to even out skin tone, and halo hydrating perfecting powder to create a total airbrushed effect.
• The best part… This kit will only run you about $49.00 and lasts for months!


• The cheek in this look is quite muted.

• Instead of highlighting the apples with a bold blush, highlight your cheekbones by applying a bronzing power to the hollows of cheeks.
• This helps to contour the face and give the look more definition.
• For a gorgeous glow like Kate’s, we recommend Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder in Golden Bronze.


• The eyes are really the focal point of this look, but they are not Kate’s traditional smoky eye. This look is much more about the lashes than the liner and shadow. That said, the trio of makeup creates a look that’s fresh and beautiful.
• For the eyeshadow, try NARS cream eyeshadow in Corfu. This light taupe shade provides some color to the lid but still looks very natural.
• Next, lightly line just the upper lash line with a black cream or cake liner like this one from Gorgeous Cosmetics. Keeping the line as close to the lash line as possible and then smudging slightly will make lashes appear even thicker and really draw attention.
• Finally, apply several coats of black, lengthening mascara. We love Lancome L’Extreme Instant Extensions Mascara, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you can always compensate with a few false lashes in the corners.


• To complete the look, polish lips with a soft peach or pink lipstick like Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick in Nude Pink.
• The color is bold enough to command attention, yet simple enough to not overpower the look.

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