Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Makeup


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I must admit, that I woke up at 3am to watch The Royal Wedding with my mother.  Kate Middleton was a radiant bride. Allegedly, The Duchess of Cambridge had a makeup tutorial with Arabella Preston and opted to apply her own makeup for the big day.  This is brazen for any bride–let alone for a young woman who was stepping into role as newly minted British royalty and fashion and beauty global icon on the side.  No biggie.  Oh, and an estimated 2 billion sets of eyeballs around around the world watched her wedding.

Bridal expert Sonia Roselli tells us how to recreate Kate’s look with a soft and approachable finish.  Maybe it will help you catch your very own prince.

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Makeup Tutorial

  • Prep skin with Instant Skin Smoothing Primer or Pore Perfecting Primer.
  • Apply Shadow Magnet on eyelids and blend with finger. Smooth out with the Wet/Dry Shadow Brush or One Minute Shadow brush until smooth and even.
  • Apply Candy Mineral Matte Eye Shadow with One Minute Shadow Brush all over eyelid from lash line to brow bone.
  • Using the Fluffer Brush, apply Cat’s Eye Quartz Mineral Eyeshadow all over lid right working slightly into the crease.
  • Using the Pro Blending Fluff, apply Silk Sheets Polychromatic Shadow on brow bone for highlighter.
  • Using the same Pro Blending Fluff, blend and tie colors in together.
  • Using the Skinny Liner Brush, apply a thin line of our Waterproof Aqua Gel Liner in Raven along lash line and working into the lashes.
  • Using the Eyeliner Smudger Brush, smudge the Gel Liner into the lash line to create a smokier look.
  • For added smokiness, apply Volcanic Ash Mineral Matte Shadow along lash line to set the Waterproof Aqua Gel Liner using the Eyeliner Smudger Brush.
  • Using the same Volcanic Ash Mineral Matte Shadow, apply on the lower lashes and blend into lash line.
  • Using a light wash of Waterproof Aqua Gel Liner and the same Eyeliner Smudger Brush, apply the gel liner to the inside waterline.
  • Apply our Superwear Mascara in Ink and for a more dramatic look, apply Medium Lashes to the outside corners.


  • Using our Brow Stencils, apply our Brow Sculpt to define brows. Kate Middleton’s brows were a bit darker and filled in.
  • Then, using our Brow & Liner Brush to free style and fill in the brow. Brush out any excess color using our Brow Groomer.
  • Apply the appropriate concealer to conceal any discoloration and under eye circles.  For Christine, we are using our Photo Finish Concealer in Medium Peach using our Oval Concealer Brush.
  • After your corrector concealer is placed, apply a yellow-based concealer in trouble areas or where redness occurs. On Christina, we are using our Photo Finish Concealer in Medium.
  • Apply our Photo Finish Foundation in your appropriate shade with our Stipple Foundation Brush (the one shown here is the one with the handle).


Kate has a sculpted look so before we add powder products we must apply all cream products first.

  • To get a sculpted look, apply our Longwearing Cream Blush in Cocoa Spice along the underside of the cheekbones to create contour and shading using the Angle Foundation Brush.
  • Then for color, add our Longwearing Cream Blush in Pretty Pink on the apples of the cheeks working towards the back hairline using our Angle Foundation Brush.  Build coverage until you have the desired amount. Be sure to wear a bit more blush for your wedding for photos.
  • Using the same Angled Foundation Brush, apply Mineral Sheer Veil in Champagne on the apples of the cheeks and around the hairline.
  • Set everything with Invisible Blotting Powder using our Large Powder Brush. This sets the makeup and allows us to put a final layer of powder products on the top.
  • Using the Large Angled Contour Brush, apply Hush Pink Mineral Matte Blush to the apples of the cheeks using a buffing motion. Kate wore strong blush on her wedding day, so make it rich and vibrant.


  • Using our Automatic Longlasting Lip Liner, apply Heather all over the lip very lightly and blend with our Oval Lip Brush.
  • Apply our Luxury Gloss in Mauve Glow. Then apply Pink Peony on top for a perfect pink lip.

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