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Since I’m out and about more during the summer, I look for lip products that protect from the sun and keep my lips moisturized. Jouer’s line of lip products delivers perfectly in shades that match all occasions. It’s ideal for having a few “matches everything” colors in my purse so I can quickly touch up and look great no matter where I’m going.

My favorite is Jouer’s Lip Sheer SPF 15. Eight beautiful shades give my lips a touch of color along with moisturizing Vitamin E and aloe vera. My only real complaint is the lack of any deeper colors such as red or burgundy for when I want a bit more color. However, I found that by using it over their Hydrating Lipstick I get the perfect balance of color and protection. Bright colors such as Simone and Whitney are summer friendly and beautifully flirty.

In the evenings, I don’t need any SPF, so I switch to Jouer’s Moisturizing Lip Gloss. I’m in love with Hibiscus and Mirage. If you use other Jouer products, you’ll enjoy the connecting the palettes. The lip gloss isn’t just sexy and shiny, it’s full of nourishing Vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and shea butter.

All of Jouer’s lip products are perfect for summer and the colors are classic so you’ll always be in style. At only $22, it’s a wonderful addition to your summer beauty routine.

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