Jeannie Mai’s Style And Beauty Advice

Jeannie Mai's Style And Beauty Advice

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As a beauty expert, one of my main goals is to encourage women to find their inner beauty and confidence.  I have always believed that beauty products should help to enhance the glow that we all aleady have within us.  It should be fun, easy, and empowering.  Another artist that I have always respected is Jeannie Mai.  She is always able to bring out the best in her on-air clients and her inner joy shines through.  Not only that, but she was generous enough to share some of her tips for beauty, confidence, and general inspiration with me.  Please enjoy her words of wisdom.

1) What beauty advice would give young girls?:

The beauty advice I give is to embrace what is unique about your features.  I tell them to take a look in a mirror and know that no one has your same smile, the same set of eyes, the unique way that your face is placed together…there is a unique way that you can highlight those special features using makeup to bring out the different parts of your face.

2) What inspires you when you create a fashion/beauty look?:

When I create a fashion or beauty look, especially for myself, I always start with my expectation for that day.  I look at where I’m going, I look at what I want to do and bring to whatever event I’m doing that day, and I also think about how I want people to see me.  I think about that certain outcome and I use that to bring together colors and textures that will pull the ensemble together with this particular goal in mind.

3) What are your favorite tips for boosting confidence and finding your look?:

Take one feature of your body that you love, whether it your legs or that gorgeous neckline.  If it’s your legs, find a beautiful floral skirt that really shows them off.  Neckline?  Find a beautiful necklace or blouse with an adjustable neckline so that you can show off this particular part of your body.  Whichever feature you love, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing clothing or accessories to specifically enhance each feature.

4)  What are your top three favorite beauty products?:

False lashes, high heels and “glips”.  Glips are what I call the glittery lips you may often see me with on carpets at events.  They include: lip liner, a great lipstick and loose glitter.

5) Your favorite secret for a quick beauty pick me up?:

My favorite secret is to wear anything yellow or fuchsia. For clothing, I love wearing anything yellow especially for my early morning interviews which automatically awakens me and energizes me.  For makeup, I love a fuchsia on the lips because it’s a perfect way to pick up your pout and make everything you say much more expressive.

6) What inspires you with your own style?:

When it comes to style, I really admire Amanda Brooks because she is one of the most sophisticated women who understands finding that individuality in style and knows how to embody the lifestyle of other women in such a classic way.  As far as makeup, Mally Roncal does a fantastic job of bringing the spotlight from the women she works with on the red carpet to the everyday woman through her lighting and contouring.

7)  What suggestions can you give to women that are struggling with finding time to have a beauty/style routine?:

My number one suggestion is to invest in a good set of daytime and evening lashes.  The day time look is much more separated and adds a fullness while the nighttime look is much more sultry; think Marilyn Monroe.  Also, a key matte lipstick in a color like a French coral, a ruby red, or a wine lipstain.  These things are good at giving your eyes and lips an instant pop when you don’t have the time to do the whole makeup routine.

8)  The best inspirational advice you have ever received?:

Add a smile to your style.  I think that even if you are racing out of the house with a bad outfit on, you are immediately dressed with a smile and are able to schmooze your way through any situation.

As a popular personality on Style Network, Jeannie Mai is best known for her exuberant energy as the host of their hit Emmy-nominated television program “How Do I Look?”  More than just a fashion-intervention and “makeover” show, Jeannie empowers women to discover their true beauty, overcome their insecurities, and employ fashion to give them the confidence they need to help achieve their career goals.  Jeannie also appears as a frequent fashion correspondent on the “Today Show” and E! News – “The Daily 10.”

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