Japonesque Mini Eyelash Curler

Mini eyelash curler

Photo courtesy of japonesque.com

One of the most uncomfortable things I have to do as a make up artist is to curl someone’s lashes.  It is such an odd, and scary feeling to hold a metal instrument up to someone’s eyeball, and clench down, all while pretending your completely confident with the procedure.  It is never fun for me, or the client.  My clients (even the most seasoned models or actresses) look at me with terror in their eyes.

Hence, my gratitude for the Japonesque mini plastic eyelash curler.  It does not look like a torture device, is gentle on the lashes, and allows you to get super close to the root while having complete control of your grip.  It is a life saver!

The tiny curler allows for a firm grip, and steady hand.  It also makes it easier to move around and focus on the outer corners of the lashes, which are usually neglected.

– Check out the rest of Japonesque makeup tools.  They are a favorite of the pros.

– The Professional Palettes are an amazing way to consolidate all your lipsticks.

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