January: The New You Revival

January New You Revival

At The Makeup Blogger we’re all for taking small steps toward your goals, whether it’s something simple like eliminating unnecessary apologies (e.g. “Sorry!” when someone bumps into you) or finally turning your passion project into a full-fledged business.

So instead of declaring on Facebook that we’re going to pull a total 180 in 2017, we’ve decided to commit to one meaningful change in January and see what comes out of it after 31 days. It could be a major epiphany, it could be a feeling of total deprivation. Either way, we’re excited to have some public accountability for this experiment thanks to you, our kickass readers. (If you see any of us breaking our goal this month, feel free to call us out!)

Kim Do, Proprietor & Makeup Artist

This January, I’m going to breathe deep and exhale…

I am bored to death by how much I complain about stress and anxiety.

The benefits of meditation have been drilled into me by my meditation-loving Cafe Gratitude-noshing friends. I’ve absorbed as much information as one can possibly absorb via osmosis. I’ve tried to meditate sporadically, but have not gained enough traction with my practice for it to make a meaningful impact on my psyche. It’s like the runner’s high — I’ve heard about it, but it’s elusive.

I’ve encountered a lot of challenges this past year: the insane blog overhaul combined with the steep learning curve, apartment hunting, immediately followed by the holiday scramble. Oh, and let’s not forget our depressing political quagmire. So because I don’t have a consistent go-to strategy to ease the stress, now seems like the perfect time to focus on nurturing my brain.

This month, I’m going to meditate daily. Like most other multi-tasking obsessed individuals, I’m usually always preoccupied with the other items on my to-do list the vast majority of my waking hours. It prevents me from being fully present, so my mind is still on overdrive when it’s time to chill out.

I was eager to get a head start on my meditation practice on December 31st. I left The Den Meditation feeling calm, proud and cheerful. It was an uplifting way to end a tumultuous year. I made a last-minute stop at the grocery store on my way home. As you can imagine, there was gridlock in parking lot on New Year’s Eve. At one point, I decided to maneuver around a car waiting for a parking spot when the driver rolled down her window and yelled expletives at me and asked, “Why the F@(c)k are you going around me? Be F*cking patient!” I impulsively yelled expletives back at her. I’m a Leo and felt very justified. I suppose one meditation class had yet to provide me with enough emotional enlightenment.

I want to thank meditation teacher for reminding me to always try to find the love in every situation. Lesson: On this particular day, love was lacking in a Trader Joe’s parking lot on La Brea Ave. Send me positive vibes!


January Revival Sarah BanSarah Ban, Editor & Writer

This month, I’m going to…partake in Dry January.

I expect alcohol to be available to me in every possible social situation. If we’re not going to a bar, the question is: Who’s bringing the wine? If I’m Yelping a brunch joint, I mentally knock off a star if they don’t have bottomless mimosas.

I’ve come to depend on alcohol as a social lubricant and Red Bull substitute. When I’m out with lots of people, I get exhausted quickly without a glass in my hand. It makes me feel friendly and funny, and free of my usual anxiety. I’m hardly ever interested in starting a conversation when I don’t have vodka flowing in my veins. But I’ve spent one too many Sundays glued to the couch instead of doing something, anything better: hiking, grocery shopping, breathing normally, etc. In other words, I really endure a lot of negative shit just to feel something positive for a few hours.

So this January, I’m giving myself both a body and mind cleanse, a reset if you will. I’ll be taking notes on how I feel, how I look and how differently I see my interactions with other people. Maybe I’ll always be the first one to go home during a rager, but that’s fine (especially if I can dodge Uber surge prices). Or maybe I’ll substantiate the fact that I’m socially awkward, but at least then I’ll be compelled to look to other solutions that don’t involve a side of pickle juice.  I’m excited!


Jessica Porter, Writer

In January, I’m going to: Skip Flour

I’ve become a noodle addict.  There’s a place in LA called Viet Noodle Bar that serves THE BEST veggie pho (rice noodles in broth). I eat there, or pick up from there, at least once a week.  When I call ahead, the guy at the register answers the phone “Hello Jessica” upon seeing my number. It breaks my heart.  You see, he’s a devastatingly handsome Turkish guy, so my noodle shame isn’t exactly what I’d like us to bond over.

And these aren’t my only noodles.  I cook up whole wheat noodles at home, and serve them with a fantastic combination of marinara sauce and vegan mayo (sounds gross, I know, but it turns into a sort of creamy vodka sauce).  I also eat this quite regularly. Between my pho, my homemade noodles, ramen and the occasional pad thai, I have become a bit of a noodle monster.  Because I’m single, no one else is privy to my noodle obsession, but in my soul (and my intestines), I know.

This month, I commit to abstaining from flour.  And for me, that’s basically noodles. I’m not a bread person, but if you are, please take this journey with me.  Instead of my beloved pasta, I will cook, and eat, whole grains: brown rice, millet, quinoa, barley, farro, etc.  I already don’t eat white sugar (it beat me years ago), so when I’m craving carbs, I will go for nature’s purest form: whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

I know this will be hard, especially at first, but I am looking forward to feeling more energy, clarity and self-esteem.  I’d like to lose a feeling of sluggishness in my digestion.  And if I shed a couple of pounds, I won’t complain.

And I’ll miss my noodle guy.  For now…


Dana Poblete, Writer & Producer

This January, I’m going to leave my cell at home.

People are crazy with their phones. I don’t consider myself one of those people, but I know I’m lying to myself. The other day it was 75 degrees and sunny and I spent a good 20 minutes sitting on the beach trying to capture the most idyllic photo and video to post on social media. At dinner with a friend, as soon as she gets up to go to the bathroom my iPhone becomes my new date, if only for a few minutes. I Google Map my way home from my neighborhood FedEx for the best route. Come on now!

I like to think I have some free spirit vibes, but when it comes to technology, I’m as dependent on it as the next gal. I don’t even remember what it was like to have a landline as the main mode of communication, but I’m going to relive those days. For the month of January, my phone stays home whenever I leave the house. Maybe I’ll get to float untethered in a big, beautiful world where every moment takes my breath away. Or maybe I’ll get completely lost on the way home from Trader Joe’s. God forbid I see a cute kitten that I can’t photograph. (Maybe I should get a point-and-shoot camera while I’m at it.)


January Revival Erika Brooks AdickmanErika Brooks Adickman, Social Media Manager

This January I am going to…detox from Social Media (alt. Social Media diet)

When choosing my “New You” challenge, a Social Media Diet was not my first choice. Initially, my mind went to abstaining from refined sugar because I’m someone who always — always — has candy in her pockets, bag and car like a little old lady. Then I thought, no wait, meditation! That’s the thing everyone keeps telling me to do! But then I realized the one habit I really needed to kick. It’s a habit so insidious that I don’t even realize how it’s affecting me because everyone else around me is doing it too: my overconsumption of social media. Literally the first thing I do in the morning after turning off the alarm, before I even have a conscious thought of my own, is open Instagram and start scrolling and clicking. Then it’s onto Facebook. Next, it’s a pass through Twitter. And then the cycle continues. This is all before even getting out of bed. It can be anywhere from 20-30 minutes of my morning routine. It is, without exaggeration, a time suck.

And yet, despite of all the hours of my life that I’m about to get back, I am dreading this challenge. For starters, social media has become my way of feeling connected to the world in a time when so much feels uncertain. What am I going to do on January 20th without knowing what everyone else in my real and online life thinks about Trump’s inauguration? “Think of all the memes I’m going to miss!” is also an actual thought I’ve had leading up to this. The impulse to share thoughts and moments of my daily life… what will I do with those? I walked along Manhattan Beach today and took a beautiful photo and I have no idea if anyone, other than myself, “likes” it.

The real reason I took on this challenge is because I believe all the other “New You” things I want to adopt lie on the other side of getting off the crack cocaine that is social media. With all that free time added back into my day I’ll have time to meditate in the morning, cook a meal for myself, work out, stay more in touch with people I care about, work on personal projects, date and take up a new hobby. It will be all real life and no filler — and that’s terrifying. Because I’ll also be forced to face how much I use social media as a substitute to mask other feelings I don’t feel like feeling. Feelings like boredom, frustration, loneliness and (as previously mentioned regarding uncertain world) fear. On the bright side, I’m hoping not having lifestyle envy will help me cultivate more gratitude for my own life. And the major bonus is — if I, someone who makes a living working in social media, can do it, anyone can do it.

Are you nodding because you feel our pain?  Tell us who you relate to the most and share your experience with us!



  1. I love the idea of a social media cleanse! I constantly find myself checking my phone, all hours of the day…sometimes for no reason other than habit. Currently, I’m participating in the CLEAN Program’s 21 day cleanse. I like to do this cleanse twice a year to reset my body and flush out the toxins.

  2. i’m definitely going to be on social media this month, and i hope that will stick with me throughout the year!

  3. i’m definitely going to be on social media less this month, and i’m hoping that will stick with me throughout the year!

  4. I always wanted to keep an exercise routine in my life. I start off very happy and excited, but then a few days later I lose the excitement because of my busy life and I give up.
    This January, I have been inspired by The Makeup Blogger and I promise to stick to the 30 day challenge. My main goal is to run everyday. I am also going to eat more fruit and vegetables to be healthier.

  5. This January, I have been inspired by The Makeup Blogger and I promise to stick to the 30 day challenge. My main goal is to run everyday. I am also going to eat more fruit and vegetables to be healthier.

  6. I am going to make some diet modifications. No more potato chips, ice cream, and alcohol in January. Also, I am permanently saying farewell to red meat.

    1. All the delicious stuff, right? 😉 I feel you! Good luck!

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