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Photo Courtesy of KatherineSchwarzenegger.com

There are moments when you meet someone and feel like you have known them forever… in a soul sister, you’re amazing and we must be friends kind of way.  My latest soul sister/makeup artist obsession comes in the form of celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Not only is she frickin’ hilarious, but her tips are easy to use and her videos are a blast to watch and learn tips.

Jamie currently works with Kelly Cuoco, Elizabeth Moss, and Jemma Hays, just to name a few. She specializes in beauty, lifestyle, high fashion and special FX makeup, and was featured in Allure’s “Best of the West, Makeup Masters” review. To see the latest celebrities and projects that Jamie is working on, visit her at www.jamiemakeup.com.

I tracked her down and begged her (actually bribed with a future martini) to share some of her secrets with my members.  Here are her answers. Fall in love.

• Best tips for busy women (the 3 min makeup): I would say use mascara…it’s an instant eye opener. Use concealer to spot check your face if you don’t have time for full foundation…so use it to cover blemishes and use it under your eyes to make them look awake. And choose a lip/cheek product to say on time. These are all quick moves that will make you look fresh and alert!

• What are three of your must-have products?: Mascara, Concealer, Lip/Cheek tint.

• Your holy grail product: The Clairisonic brush. It makes such a difference and really helps keep your skin in check. I love this for everyone…it’s a game changer.

• Biggest makeup/beauty mistakes: The biggest problem I see is woman have different face color than their neck and décolletage area. It’s so important to be one color. It looks weird in person and in pictures too. SO make sure you bring the makeup down the neck onto the chest…..or make sure you use the same color all around.

• Best piece of advice your mother gave you about beauty: If you feel good on the inside you’ll always feel beautiful on the outside.

• Beauty tips for mature skin: HYDRATE, SPF, and acceptance! It is so beyond important to hydrate the skin at any age but especially with mature skin. When the skin is dehydrated it looks sallow and dull. Protect your skin at all costs. And accept that as we get older our skin is going to change…it’s okay……….you don’t have to buy into every little gimmick……if you love and accept yourself.

• The three things you would take to a deserted island: Mark’s Touch and Glow Cube because it’s so versatile and pretty and makes me so happy! By Terry Rose Bud Balm…because its so hydrating and so luscious…my lips would never be dry on that island! And any SPF…just to protect my skin from the sun.

• Favorite beauty trend – or trick: Dress up any look with a cat eye. It’s my go to trend…and it never fails. It can dress up any look and take you from normal to fabulous.

• Best tip to conceal a hangover: Concealer that has light reflecting properties like YSL touché éclat will wake up the undereye area. Also bronzer can make you look healthier and well rested.


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  1. It is fun. Got all the tips, especially for those busy women, I always believe that no matter how busy you maybe you must not forget to make your self beautiful. Putting in a mascara is a nicest way to still look beautiful, specifically if you got to know the best mascara in town.

    Thanks for this awesomeness!

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