Interview with Kristofer Buckle

Photo Courtesy of Multivu

Recently, I was able to connect and interview master makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, who counts Christina Aquillera, Charlize Theron, Sheryl Crow, and Demi Moore as clients.  He is known for his glamorous take on makeup, and his talent for making the eyes look stunning.  His theory of “more is more”  has given him the great reputation of creating a fantastic look worthy of any diva.  I was happy to finally be introduced to Kristofer, and to find out he was warm, charming and hilarious.  Is is no wonder the stars want him in their inner circle!  I loved his fresh take on makeup trends, and his firm belief in following your own inner guide as an artist.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

In all your interviews, you are very open about your love of drugstore beauty finds.  Is there a reason you flock to these brands?:  I do that intentionally, because for a long time, beauty magazines assumed everyone lived a certain lifestyle. Looking great has nothing to do with budget.  It’s a choice.  As far as drugstore products go, it’s really the travel aspect of the shoot and my job that dictates the products I use.

What type of products do you love for travel?: I love RCMA crème foundations. They don’t spill or leek. You can apply over well moisturized skin for a sheer coverage, or full on for a lot of coverage.

What types of trends are you expecting for this years red carpet?:  Traditionally, I don’t take major risks.  I don’t do “stand out” statement looks.  Actresses make their living playing someone else, the red carpet is the one time for them they get to be themselves and express themselves as a woman. It’s all about the dress and navigating the makeup so it’s seamless with the gown.  I am known for the eyes. So I play up the eyes with lashes, and concentrate on flawless skin.  My feeling is that “If you look great, and do whatever makes you feel great, then you are ready”.

How do you keep the makeup lasting on the red carpet and for award shows?: Everyone loves a dewy skin, but at the same time you have to be smart on how you keep that up during the long hours in front of the press, and during the shows.  Everyone is kissing everybody all night, so by the afterparty you would only have makeup on one side on your face.  So you need to set your makeup well, and strategically place the dewiness in places where you want the shine to reflect.  Just making sure the makeup doesn’t get overly shiny or muddy is key.

What type of moisturizers or primers do you use to bring out that glow?  It is important as makeup artists to keep our ears open to what other people use, but also trust the products that work for you.  Follow your own personal artist.  At the moment, I use the Decleor Night balm, and massage the skin with it.  It is emollient, so the foundation doesn’t die out on the skin, or suck the moisture out of the foundation.  I also use Embryolisse for longer wear shoots, such as burlesque with Christina Aguilera. My main moto is: “It’s about creating an illusion, and making the skin look pristine.”

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?  You have to stick to what you do best. Be well rounded, but don’t loose yourself.  “If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.”


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