How To Remove Dark Eye Circles

How To Remove Dark Eye Circles
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Today’s question is, “How do I remove dark rings and wrinkles from around the eyes?”

The first tip in regards to dark circles or rings is you want to find a concealer that has a salmon or peach base. This will help to correct any darkness or blue undertones that create those dark circles and rings. As far as the wrinkles go, a good concealer that has anti-aging properties will do double-duty by hiding dark circles and diffusing wrinkles.

A beautiful orange salmon concealer or base can offset bluish undertones. It will lighten up any darkness around your eyes.

Use a concealer brush to blend well and focus on the inner corners where, often times, most of the darkness shows through. This will instantly cause your face to look brighter.

A lovely bright pink blush can help to immensely brighten up the face and distract from any discoloration around the wrinkles. And there you go, this a quick and easy way to disguise any dark rings or circles and potential wrinkles around your eye area.


  1. RE: Concealers that have a salmon base, or peach-toned base. Can you recommend any of your favorites? I have a light to medium skin tone.

    1. of course! Eve Pearl has an amazing concealer called Salmon. Also, Bobbi Brown makes some great Tinted Eye Brighteners in a wide range of peach and salmon tones.

  2. Could suggest some more brands here. Available globally – I’m in India

    Thanks! 🙂

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