How To The Beautiful Red Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of

How to Get Beautiful Red Hair
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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting two of Hollywood’s top stylists, who helped to revitalize my bedraggled red hair (which, to my horror, had become an orangy, yellowish blond).  I was amazed at how they took the time to work with me, and not just focus on what they wanted to do with my hair. We have all had those trips to the hair salon, where you thrown into a chair with a brisk “trust me, you’ll love it”, and left sobbing with a trendy haircut that you can’t manage.
This was different.  They asked me in depth questions about my lifestyle, how much time I spent on styling, and what hair colors caught my attention.  They were both thoroughly detailed and took time “interviewing” me, before even touching my hair.  The result was a cut and color that suited me (and my lazy hairstyling skills) perfectly.
Of course, I asked a thousand questions, and jotted down a list of tips and tricks to take with you to your next salon appointment.
My first appointment was with Sherry Ratay of acclaimed Salon Ratay gives this advice to colorists (or when you are interviewing a new colorist for yourself).
  • Before you start your coloring…. interview your guests. If they bring in a picture, have them identify the parts of the hair (the highlights, depth, or roots) they like the best.
  • Take into consideration their skin tone, eye color, personality, lifestyle, and their commitment to the salon.  You would never want to give a guest a color service that will bring them back in needing touch ups every 3 weeks if they were planning on a 12 week cycle.
  • Just because they would look GREAT as a platinum blond doesn’t mean they HAVE  to have it.
  • Hair color should always compliment the client. Beautiful hair never overpowers a face.
  • Make sure they rinse the foils in sections, so that the colors and highlights don’t bleed into each other.

“How To Get Beautiful Natural Red Hair”

  • 1st Step- Enhance Natural Reds:  Use Joico Basebreaker on bottom base of the hair. What this means is its going to lighten your hair one level or so. One level is about four shades, it is not to be confused with bleaching the hair. It makes lighting the hair easier and faster than ever before. Let sit for 10 minutes. It enhances natural, high and low lights when coloring hair.
  •  2nd Step- Highlights and Low Lights.:  Use two different shades of red to create soft red on red shapes. For the highlights use a softer apricot shade,  when coloring look at the way the hair lies before coloring. This will give you a better idea on what hair strands will be showing out the best. Make sure to wrap in foil and let sit for 20 minutes under heat. Next for low lights. Use a darker hue of red. Again make sure look at the way the hair lies before coloring. For the low lights try to keep the color on the tail ends of the hair. Make sure you wrap the low lights in foil as well and don’t let them touch the apricot pieces. Let sit for 20 minutes under heat.
  • 3rd Step-Finish with a opaque gloss:  The gloss will extend your hair color by sealing the cuticles. It also conditions and adds luster to the hair.

To keep your vibrant look visit your colorist every 3-4 weeks for touch up.  Follow up every 12 months for your dimensionals.

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My next stop was to meet with hairstylist to the stars, Mika Fowler. She was soft spoken, and weaved her scissors through my hair with a gentle, precision touch.

Joico professional Mika Fowler from Gavert Atelier gives this advice:

  • Have your hairstylist cut your hair while dry so they can watch the flow of the hair and concentrate only on the dry split ends, without taking off excessive length.
  • Always try to avoid a scissor happy hairstylist.
  • Find a hairdresser who will cut your hair based on your lifestyle, not a trend.
  • A haircut and style should be a process.  Grow with a hairdresser, and let them mold your hair. Sometimes, it is small changes for the first few times.



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