The Only Anti-Frizz You’ll Ever Need

marco pelusi antifrizz

Image courtesy of Total Beauty Now that my hair back to blonde, I am having to be vigilant with my hair care routine, to make sure my hair stays soft and vibrant.  Luckily for me, I have the help of the uber talented Marco Pelusi, who helped me tame my tresses, and turned my hair […]

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Which Ombre Color Is For You?

Vanessa Hudgens Ombre Hair

Photo courtesy of It’s hard to believe it but summer is almost over and fall is rapidly approaching. While the fun and carefree styles that come with summer are hard to let go of, the warm shades, textures, and styles of fall are the perfect cushion for the transition. Just as we change our […]

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Chloë Moretz Killed It At The Billboard Music Awards

Chloe Moretz Billboard Music Awards

Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Chloë Moretz, one of my favorite actresses and star of the upcoming action flick Kick-Ass 2, illuminated the red carpet with her star power, radiating glamour with the simple yet chic look of her luxurious blond hair created exclusively with René Furterer styling […]

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Get Cindy Crawford Hair–Yes, It’s Possible

Cindy Crawford Hair

Photo courtesy of The Coveteur I don’t know about you, but I have always envied the 90’s tossled, sexy hair. Although, I think I could most definitely rock the big hair, giving myself a really good blow out with the hairdryer sometimes seems near to impossible. Celebrity hairstylist George Gonzalez, owner of George The Salon […]

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How To Fix A Hair Color Disaster

Hair Color Disaster Fix

Photo courtesy of TSwiftDaily. NOTHING is worse than a hair color disaster. Tears, rage, and hiding in the house can be the result of when a colorist has a field day with your hair.  It has happened to the best of us, and unfortunately, it recently happened to me.  Think punk rock orange halo. Not […]

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