How To Get Second-Day Hair (on the First Day)

Second day hair

Whether it’s a genetically oily scalp or a SoulCycle obsession, there’s a reason why some of us wash our manes every day. But here’s the thing: By shampooing every 24 hours, we miss out on “second-day hair” — hair that’s had time overnight to accumulate natural oils, as Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon describes. The […]

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4 Beauty Oxymorons That Will Change Your Life

When Lily Collins brows became the trendy new standard for arches, I was disappointed that my barely-there hair would bar me from jumping on the bandwagon. Luckily, beauty sorcery (a wand with an ultra-fine tip and a spoolie on the other side, along with some professional guidance) gave me full, bushy brows that would make […]

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7 Hair Products All The Cool LA Girls Swear By

Photo via Song of Style Ask any hairstylist in Los Angeles what all the girls are requesting (I asked our girl Alissa Smith from MeCHE), and it’s that signature blunt-cut + beachy wave.  There’s one hairstyle that seems to reign from all of Sunset Boulevard to the rooftop of Ace Hotel: collarbone lobs, sunkissed strands, and a perfectly tousled bedhead that makes one think, […]

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Control Your Hair, Rain Or Shine

Image courtesy of @Negin_Mirsalehi When the weather throws a tantrum, a gorgeous head of hair is no easy feat!  No matter what’s in the forecast where you live, Jet Rhys shares her tips on how to control you hair, rain or shine. Snow & Rain Whether you live in NYC, Seattle, or Aspen, the temperamental […]

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The $7 Secret To Save Your Hair From Breakage

Tripe resist reinforcing shampoo

Photo courtesy of I recently made a very drastic hair change.  I went from my natural redheaded glory, to a golden shiny shade of blonde.  Why?  Well, the first answer would be that my luscious locks turned grey almost 5 years ago, and keeping my “natural” hair color maintained was killing my wallet (they […]

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7 Rules For Sexy Hair

7 Rules for Sexy Hair

Image courtesy of Celebrity hairstylist and one of my favorite women in the beauty industry Jet Rhys shares her 7 tips for sexy hair!  Get these no-fail tips to get gorgeous locks you can do on your own: 1.  “Don’t fight your natural texture” is my motto!  If you have curly hair, rub in […]

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