How to choose a Fitness Spa

Fitness spas present a hybrid of service been at both fitness centers and day spas. While each are in business for a specific clientele that can often overlap, it was not until recently that the two business types began combining their services to increase efficiency and maximize their reach within the marketplace. Now, fitness spas are cropping up in many areas. Here is how to decide if one is right for you.

When choosing a fitness spa membership, consider the following:

Hours Availability of the fitness center as well as spa services is a key component to look for when choosing a fitness spa. With the hectic schedules people keep, it is important to know if there will be access to the membership benefits when you need them. In many instances, some fitness spas are open from 4a to midnight or even 24/7, making themselves available to their members whenever they need it most. It is also important to note with some of these extended hours, some of the spa services may not be available. Do you want a massage at 6am? Be sure to find out if it is offered. Keeping this in mind will help in the decision making process.

Equipment and Services By definition, a fitness spa is a place offering the resources of a standard gym partnered with a number of different services one might find at a spa. In essence, one could come in for their daily workout regiment and then workout their sore muscles with a massage or a foot rub. So, you obviously want to be sure that the specific services that you want are offered. For example, if you like deep tissue massage after a strenuous workout, be sure to find out if that is regularly offered and that it is offered at the time that you will likely be there. Likewise, some spas may offer more in terms of baths and saunas. Also be sure to check out the gym equipment and make sure that everything that you want is offered. Do you like classes? Make sure that the location offers what you want.

Testing the Waters Many fitness spas offer a day pass or promotional offers like free weeks of use or complimentary services on a trial basis. If these offers are available, take full advantage of them to better understand what the facility will and will not provide. Furthermore, because there are an increased number of options for these fitness spas across the country, much like any other investment, it is important to try several or as many as possible. Most competitors will run similar promotions to get their customers in the door, so even if it takes someone a few weeks to visit and try all of the amenities, it will be well worth their effort in finding the right spa for them.

Evaluate the Contract Many fitness spas will want to have their customers sign a 1-2 year agreement, paying a monthly fee. For the money you may spend on these memberships, be sure to understand exactly what you will be getting for their money. Keep in mind that in many cases the contracts are also negotiable. If another local center has a better deal, others might match it, or they might be willing to shorten the contract length if they think it will be the only way that they can get you to sign up. In conclusion, there are a number of options to weigh out when determining which fitness spa is the right one for you. Take time to be sure to evaluate the options carefully!

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