Graftobian Hi-Def Creme Super Palettes

Graftobian Hi-Def Creme Super Palettes


I had one goal in mind when I ventured into the IMATS show this last weekend, and that was to stock up on my favorite High Definition Palettes from Graftobian.  I have always loved these marvelous little creme confections, but lately I have been relying on these foundations more and more.  I never thought that I would convert to a creme loving foundation artist, but low and behold, I have.

The results I get with these kits are outstanding on High Definition cameras. The look is smooth, flawless, and lasts under the hottest lights.  It works especially well on my male clientele.  The pigmentation gives an amazing coverage, while still looking natural under the evil glare of HD.  And, you cannot beat the fact that this kit cuts your set bag in half.  This is amazing for travel, or for jobs where you need the smallest set bag possible.  This really is a lifesaver.

The Graftobian website explains High Definition and its amazing creme better than I ever could, so here are the details:

“What is High Definition makeup?  HD makeup is made with superfine, micronized pigments that were designed to allow a makeup artist to easily create a look that will be read through an HD camera and yield a flawless yet natural appearance.  HD cameras are capable of reading the slightest amount of streaking and speckling that might occur if using inferior makeup products.”

  • An artist can and often will use both media on the same face without having to work to match colors from scratch.
  • The colors in this HD line have been sorted into Warm, Cool and Neutral shades as well as cream Corrector shades.
  • This sort of user friendly system allows an artist to order within a “family” of shades for temperature correct use.

Makeup Artist Tip: I was lucky enough to have a personal conversation with Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Suzanne Patterson, and she explained to me the different techniques that can make these palettes transform into every foundation imaginable.

  • For a liquid foundation:  Scrape a tiny bit of creme onto a mixing palette and blend with a primer or mixing agent.  Continue to add the liquid until you get the consistency you are trying to create.  You can create a foundation that is anywhere from full-sheer coverage.
  • For a tinted moisturizer:  Follow the directions above, but using a moisturizer such as OxyDerm by Graftobian.  You can also add in a luminizer to create a soft glow effect.

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