Graftobian HD Creme Corrector Palette

Graftobian HD Creme Corrector Palette

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One of the reason’s I am such a passionate makeup junkie is that having the best products in my kit makes my job so much easier.  Every job calls for various looks, or in some instances I am required to make things look impeccable (even when they are SO not perfect).  Therefore, I have to make tattoos, scars, and uneven skin tone vanish. With the new medium of High Definition film, this is sometimes insanely difficult.

Thank heavens I always carry Graftobian HD Creme Corrector Palette with me at all times.  Seriously, this is my little savior.  These creams were made for a high definition formula, and have a flawless consistency that is absolutely undetectable under any light.  It includes 5 different correctors for all types of skin discolorations, and even works marvelously for tattoo coverup.  The corrector colors can be purchased separately, and I make sure to have the blue, and brown neutralizers in my kit at all times.

Makeup Artist Tip: The Blue Neutralizer is wonderful for bruises, varicose veins, or even deep dark circles under the eyes.  The Deep Red and Purple Neutralizer works well with broken capillaries, and rosacea. The Red Neutralizer is great for around the nose, blemishes, or red discoloration.  The Grey/Brown Neutralizer is wonderful for around the eyes (for brown toned shadows) or for moles, and sun spots.   The Light Highlight is a fantastic for above the cheekbones, upper lip, or brow bone.


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