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Go Caveman And Feel Great With The Paleo Diet

How often have you tried some fad diet and ended up regretting it? I have tried them all. Seriously. Some diets deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. You lose weight, but you end up looking unhealthy. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Paleo Diet at Dantian Studios that I finally found a diet I think I could live with. You eat great food, get all the nutrients you need naturally, lose weight and your hair and skin look amazing.

What Does This Have To Do With Cavemen?

It got your attention didn’t it? Okay, so the Paleo Diet is based around the foods hunters and gatherers would have eaten. The name comes from what is known as the true beginning of agriculture in the Paleolithic era. Believe it or not, it’s apparently taken us around 2.6 million years to discover how to eat right again. Go figure.

The Strange

When I first read about this diet, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The diet encourages high fat foods, moderate amounts of animal proteins and you can even have carbs. Usually, these are some of the first things to go when you diet. While it sounds strange, I thought about it and realized that our body does need these things. Without them, we end up taking supplements to make up for what we’re not getting naturally.

The one thing I didn’t like was cutting out legumes and cereal grains. I’ve always heard that wheat is good, but apparently it’s not a good thing on this diet. Many types of beans don’t belong either, such as pinto beans and black eyed peas (one of my favorites).

Think Natural

The Paleo Diet is all about eating natural foods, but not just fruits and vegetables. Eating meat, as long as it’s from healthy animals, is encouraged. You’re even supposed to cook with the bones. You don’t have to pick and choose just one meat. Everything from red meat to fish is included.

Sugar and dairy take a backseat here. Unless the sugar is coming from fruit, forget it. Dairy is only okay if you’re cooking with butter and heavy cream. Milk is out unless it’s full fat, so toss that 2% stuff.

The best part – you can eat when you’re hungry as long as the meal fits the diet. Also, you don’t have to kill yourself with exercise. Have fun and get exercise, but you don’t have to work for hours every day.

The premise is sound and you stay full. What isn’t to like? I will keep you up to date on how it goes!


  1. What an interesting premise! Tempted to give it a try. Cutting back on sugar is definitely a key, as well as getting proper nutrients and vitamins from your food.

    1. It is hard at first, but definitely makes you feel so much cleaner!! (although I still have my occasional cheese cheat day!)

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