Techniques To Get The Best Eyebrows

Techniques to get the Best Eyebrows

Best eyebrow arches can change your whole face. However, which method works best for me?

While the days of pencil thin brows are behind us, keeping brows bold but properly groomed still requires some maintenance. From tweezing to threading and waxing, we have the pros and the cons for each technique.

Get the Best Eyebrows With These Techniques:

To Tweeze or Not to Tweeze…
Tweezing is perhaps the easiest DIY of the brow grooming techniques; however, it still comes with its share of pros and cons. The best thing about tweezing is if done correctly, it allows you to form the shape you’d like your brows to be versus leaving it up to the pros and possibly being left with a brow look that was lost in beauty translation. For best results, use a pencil or brow shadow to color in your brow shape the way you would like it to appear, and then finish the look by tweezing any excess hairs. Be certain to go lightly and cautiously with the tweezers though, over plucking is nearly impossible to correct and you will regret it every time.

Wax it Up…
If you’re looking for brow maintenance that will really last, then waxing could be your brow savior. On average, women who wax their brows can typically go twice as long without regrowth than with tweezing or threading. Another benefit to waxing is the amazing definition it gives. If you’re looking to give your brows a high, defined, Angelina Jolie arch, waxing is the best method to achieve it. While there are some DIY waxing kits available, it’s unusually best to leave waxing to the professionals. The technique requires a specific placement of the wax and the strips to ensure not too much of your brow is removed, and that the shape and size of each brow is equal.

The Thread That Holds it Together…
If you have brows that seem completely unruly, give threading a try. This technique is best for grooming brows that have a bit of a wild streak, and is a quick and effective way to give bushy brows natural shape without making them appear too groomed the way that waxing does. Before booking your threading appointment, ask for a consult at the salon to ensure that they are indeed skilled in the technique and in tune with the look you’re hoping to achieve. While a good threading can lead to gorgeous brows, a threading gone bad can cause excess hair removal and unevenness in shape and size.

Whichever method you choose to remember, brows are your face’s best accessory. A  brow can help to accentuate the other features of your face and leave you looking fresh, sophisticated, and fabulous!


  1. thanks for the tips My daughter getting married soon and I wanna look my very best thanks for pic showing alignment.

  2. When I do my eyebrows I draw lines on the edges and pluck the hairs on the outside of the lines. I don’t pluck above the brow just below so that my arch can come naturally and I wont have to draw it in.

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