Everything You Need To Know About Next Week’s Hottest Beauty Conference In NYC

FounderMade Panel NYC Consumer Discovery Show

If you want to know what’s new in the beauty space, block off June 11 on your calendar right now.

That’s when the Consumer Discovery Show (CDS), one of the hottest beauty events in NYC this year, will be taking place.

Organized by powerhouse brand FounderMade, there’s simply no other event like it. Combining networking, discovery, and information on all things beauty, the CDS is not to be missed . If you’re unsure about what you need to know or what’s hot in the upcoming year — this conference basically does the work for you.

FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show

This is truly where you’ll get the insider 411 on beauty.

Entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to make real connections and find quality partners who share your passion for beauty and wellness, they’re here.

Investors! If you love beauty but don’t know where to invest, this is a spectacular space to find emerging, diverse brands that have real potential.

Influencers! Interested in finding quality brands that match your fan base? Discover opportunities and get solid industry cred here.

Here are 6 common questions about the CDS, and answers that will get you pumped to check it out:

Meghan Asha Consumer Discovery Show FounderMade

1. Who is FounderMade and why are they throwing this event?

FounderMade is an incredible resource that everyone in the beauty space needs to know. Founded in CEO Meghan Asha’s apartment, this once intimate dinner party series has evolved into an epic consulting and conference experience that informs and incubates some of the biggest players in the health, wellness, and beauty spaces.

2. And what is the Consumer Discovery Show?

FounderMade created the Consumer Discovery Show to be a place where self-care brands can connect with potential investors and customers. It’s part networking, part entertainment, and part education — which makes it an unmissable event for anyone interested in generating, maintaining, or consuming lifestyle content. Plus, the conference take place at Spring Studios in Tribeca, a beautiful and iconic event space that is also home to NY Fashion Week.

3. What can I expect if I attend?

There will be speeches and panel discussions by successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and brand game-changes. Plus, there will be a breakfast, a demo session, and a cocktail party for you to get your networking on. Remember — CDS will connect you to the biggest and brightest in this space, so the sky’s the limit in terms of who you could meet or what you could learn. Check out its website for the full itinerary.

4. What kind of brands will be at the Consumer Discovery Show?

Sure, huge players like Barry’s Bootcamp, Health-ade Kombucha, and Marie Claire will be there. But to give you a sense of the range of brands at CDS, here are 5 emerging faves that we can’t wait to meet at the show:

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil

Le Prunier
Plums! Who knew they had so many amazing qualities? This company is all about exploring this amazing fruit and its multifaceted benefits, like guarding against aging and cleaning up free radicals.

Saje Natural Wellness Kate Ross LeBlanc's favorites

Saje Natural Wellness
This brand is all about plant-based wellness through essential oil diffusion — they provide joyfully unique oil blends and beautifully unique diffusers that dispense them. From suppressing coughs to creating a relaxing atmosphere, these blends are designed to relieve the aches and pains of modern life.


Rodial Skincare Best Sellers

If some of the other brands seem a little too specialized for you, Rodial provides an extensive and varied range of beauty products. From highlighters to “dragon’s blood” based serums, these are sure to delight and fortify your self-care regimen.

Seed Phytonutrients Natural Products

Seed Phytonutrients
Sulphate-free, plant-based, paraben-free, and never tested on animals — you can’t get more “natural” than this brand! Beyond general skincare, they also feature hair care products with recycled paper packaging. Double win!

Cannuka CBD products

Interested in Cannabis-based wellness? This is the brand for you. All products are derived from hemp, but don’t worry! There’s no THC in these products. It’s all CBD in these soaps, creams, and balms.

If you want to get psyched even more, just click here and scroll through the massive amount of beauty, media, and and investor brands involved… it’s impossible to *not* be impressed by this this list!

5. I want to go! How do I go?

We love your enthusiasm, but hold on! Are you an entrepreneur? Industry professional? Buyer? Influencer? A member of the press? Depending on where you are in the beauty/wellness space, there are different experiences and levels of access catered for you! Explore the Consumer Discovery Show website for more information on how to make this experience the most productive for your individual goals.

6. How can I convince my boss to let me go to this (and pay for it)?

Ever the helpful resource, FounderMade has a PDF email template available just for that. Incredible! Or, if your boss asks who you’ll be brushing shoulders with, just flash this incredibly impressive list — it’ll speak for itself.

FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show NYC

Are you ready for CDS?

If this article got you excited, you’re not alone — we’ll be at FounderMade’s Consumer Discovery Show, too! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we’ll be covering the event live from beauty capital of the world, New York City. (shots fired)

So what are you waiting for? Pick up some tix and meet us there on June 11! It’s too exciting to miss.


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