13 Hilarious Tweets About Beauty That Are Almost Too Relatable To Handle

Funniest Beauty Tweets

Whether they’re being literal or using makeup as a metaphor for life itself, people on Twitter are almost too funny when it comes to beauty commentary.

Leave it to Twitter to have some of the most therapeutic takes on modern beauty themes we’ve ever seen. So we had to celebrate ’em!

We noticed that a lot of other lists out there feature super old tweets. So here are some recent (or currently recirculating) faves of ours that are too good to miss!

1. BRB, gotta go add “relationshit” to my vocab.

2. Eyeliner is the key to inner peace.

3. I mean, at least rub the top layer off with a napkin maybe???

4. Gives “golden locks” a whole new meaning.

5. Where is the lie, tho.

6. Relatable content (before I read our bronzer guide).

7. A silver lining to this dumpster fire of a year?

8. Between blowdrying and this, my arms are ready for summer.

9. Kinda jealous of them, ngl.

10. Unrealistic standards are not reserved for beauty alone.

11. I’m convinced phone cameras are biased toward makeup.

12. Now *that* is the full-coverage performance I’m looking for.

13. And lastly, a reminder about how children really are our future.

Do you have any favorite beauty tweets?

Twitter is so the perfect platform to riff and rave about beauty, skincare, makeup, and self-care. Tag us on any that we may have missed… or make some of your own and let us know! Who knows… you may end up in a future favorite beauty tweets list just like this. 😉


Thumbnail Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

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