Facials: Your skin will love you

Ever wonder why your skin feels amazing when you leave your esthetician? Your skin feels smooth, hydrated and you have that “glow” about you?  There’s a reason you like that fabulous, and I’m about to share with you the inside scoop on why.

For those who have never had a facial, you will want to listen up & schedule your next facial pronto after reading this!

Your skin takes a heavy beating everyday with the environment, chemicals, dead skin build up & plain old daily wear. After a while, dead skin cells build up on your epidermis, giving your skin a thick and heavy look.  Your skin can appear tired, lifeless and dull looking.

These external factors also quite frankly, suck the moisture right out of you! Dehydrated skin can look tight, shriveled and age you instantly. Hydrating yourself through drinking plenty of water is a plus, but additional skincare steps should be taken to infuse moisture into your skin as well.

Scheduling your facial regularly is just as important as getting your car tuned & hair colored. You need professional skin care maintenance.  Your face is your first impression, so proper daily & monthly care will ensure you look your best.

During your facial appointment, your esthetician will have a chance to give you a proper skin care analysis.

Having a trained eye view your skin under a magnifying lamp, your esthetician can notify you of skin conditions you may not have been aware of…including rosacea and hyper pigmentation.

During your facial treatment, other features & benefits you will gain are:

*Your skin texture is changed from rough & dull to smooth & glowing!
*Exfoliated skin allows for better absorption of products
*Your esthetician will recommend the proper skin care products you should use depending on your needs
*Wrinkles are softened, skin tone is strengthened & muscles are stimulated
*Pores are cleansed of cell build up & blackheads, in return making them appear smaller
*Your skin is plumped, revitalized & hydrated through facial massage, steaming and customized mask

Consider yourself officially in the know on the benefits & perks of getting your monthly facial! If a monthly facial is unobtainable, see your esthetician quarterly & keep a strict skincare routine in the interim.

  by Lindsey Holder

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  1. I was 44 years old before I got my first facial. I loved it so much that I talked my husband into getting one! He may not have “loved” it, but he did say he would do it again.

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