FACE atelier Ultra Foundation

I have many foundations that I consider to be a staple in my professional kit, and FACE atelier Ultra Pro has always been one of them.  Almost every makeup artist I know lists this foundation as one of the best products in the industry.  Billy B, and Kevin James Bennett are huge fans, and count on this foundation to provide flawless coverage.  And let me tell you, it does just that.

But, this is not just another post about a foundation.  This is a post to shout from the highest mountain to profess my love for this foundation. True love people! For Halloween, I dove into my professional kit to make Nikki and I look like ghastly witches.  Not only did this powerhouse foundation last all night long, it also covered up my dark circles marvelously.  I hardly needed any concealer, which is unheard of!  The coverage never caked, moved, or melted.  The consistency was silky, and gave my skin a luminosity that was unreal.  I went from being a professional fan to being a personal convert.

FACE atelier has also created two color enhancing shades called Zero Plus and Zero Minus. By mixing a tiny squirt of either of these two shades into your regular foundation you can either lighten or darken your foundations color. Brilliant, I tell you! I have been using these two shades in my kit and don’t know how I have ever lived without them. When I am faced with a client who has a skintone that is hard to match, this dynamic duo comes to my rescue every time.

The secret that makes this foundation truly amazing is their silicone formulation:

  • The silicone molecule is bigger than the human pore, allowing Ultra Foundation to form a lightweight, breathable second skin that is both moisture and oil resistant.
  • It is truly non-comedogenic and is ideal for problem or mature skin.
  • Ultra Foundation’s sophisticated formulation creates an optical blurring effect that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and gives the illusion of a smoother, more uniform and naturally dewy finish.

Makeup Artist Tip:  Zero Plus, and Zero Minus are great to have on hand to adjust your foundation color with the seasons.  Also, try the Zero Minus underneath your foundation on top of your cheekbones as a subtle highlight cream.  The soft white will work under your foundation as a natural highlight.  You can use Zero Plus under your foundation to warm up your skintone for a natural looking tan.

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