Timeless Eye Makeup at any age

And today’s question is how to do eye makeup if you are over 50. In the video above, I’m going to show you how to do a simple and classic look.

  • The trick with makeup if you’re in your 50’s or older is that you want to keep it clean, classic and simple. You don’t have to go completely matte like a lot of the people say. I actually tend to disagree with it. A little bit of sheen or soft satin shimmer looks stunning.
  • As you can see right now with our stunning model I’ve added a little bit of a bronze glow to the top of her lid to really pop it out. This is a perfect every day look. You can see I did one shadow a beautiful deep bronze that had a bit of sheen to it.
  • This made her eyes really stand out, brought out her eye color and is the perfect look for day time.
  • If you want to pump it up for night I suggest a liquid black felt tip eyeliner. And a deep matte dark brown eyeshadow. You want to hold your eye taught and lift upwards. This will actually lift the eye. Slowly follow the base of the eyelash by pushing into the eyelash in tiny feather like strokes. Once again look down. Pulling upwards this will give you a firm base to line your eyes and also help to lift the eye.
  • Push that liner down in feather like strokes. Next you want to go over that eyeliner with a deep matte eyeshadow. This softens it up and keeps it from looking harsh. As you can see I’m simply just blending it over that liner.
  • If you have any fallout from your eyeshadow simply use a fluffy brush to just sweep that away.
  • Once again, with a thin pointed eyeshadow brush blend that dark brown eyeshadow over the black eyeliner to soften.
  • As you can see that defined the eye without overwhelming it. You want to keep the eye classic, clean and simple.

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