EnKore Covered Brush Rolls

EnKore Covered Brush Rolls

It’s one thing when you find a great product, but it’s even better when you know how amazing the person behind it is.  That is the case with EnKore covered brush rolls.

Koren Zander is a kind, talented and generous makeup artist, whose popular YouTube makeup channel is a must watch!   But I digress…..

If you are interested in keeping your brushes neatly together in one place (and not strewn around your bathroom sink, or thrown together in a glass, then these adorable brush rolls are just for you.

Koren hand makes every brush roll, so they are unique and top quality.  He makes the brush rolls weekly to ensure there are always fresh new patterns available. These rolls are also amazing for travel, and keeping your brushes organized.  I use one in my kit, and one in my bathroom.  You should too.

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