Drew Barrymore’s Pink Cheeks


Photo courtesy of People Magazine

I have always loved Drew Barrymore’s natural radiance.  She is the prime example of what a positive attitude and great smile can do for you.  She just glows.  Since she is on the cover of People magazine this week, I thought I would pass on some of her makeup looks.  Since she is all about that natural flush, People magazine recommends trying out the new
Benefit Posietint…and I couldn’t agree more!

This is the brand new sister product to it’s famous and celebrity crazed Benetint. Both can be used on the cheeks and lips, and are waterproof, kissproof, and stain the cheeks and lips with a beautiful finish.

I must say that I love this new hybrid so much better.  It’s a softer, lighter version of the original and perfect for all the fair maidens out there.

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