DEX Cosmetics look inspired by NYC women

DEX New York Cosmetics creates a makeup look inspired by the city

Image: Dex New York blog

I always find it inspirational when I meet other makeup artists who are generous with their tips, knowledge, and artistry.  As a makeup artist, we are supposed to connect with people and help to bring out everyone’s individual beauty, so it always surprises me when I meet other artists who are divas.  It just baffles me, but unfortunately I ran into a lot of them during Fashion Week.

That’s why it was a pleasure to meet Dexter Phillip of DEX New York and his key artist John Henry.  I interviewed both artists behind the scenes at The Green Show artist C. Marchuska.   For the show John Henry (who can make anyone feel fabulous and beautiful) created a look that was inspired by the beautiful New York women, who evoke a healthy, natural, and sophisticated glow.

Here was the look below:

  • Dewy skin with Tinted Moisturizer and Mineral Glow Luminizer mixed together.
  • Flushed eyes, lips, and cheeks created with Soho pressed mineral blush

Excuse Me?  Blush on the lips and eyes?   Yes!  The entire line was created to be used wet, dry, and on every part of the face.  Putting a powder on your lips sounds crazy, but it works and never felt dry or weird.  It is like your own personal painters palette, and for ladies on the go, these products represent amazing versatility and muti-use functionality.  They texture is velvety, and stays on for a ridiculously long time.  The eyeshadows and blush powders reminded me of my favorite stains.  The line itself boasts:

  • All natural minerals, free of bismuth oxy clorade (this is huge!)
    •  This ingredient is the reason some people are sensitive to mineral powders.  BOC is the main reason for the itchiness some mineral powders cause.
    • Without BOC, these mineral powders become an effective High Definition HD ready makeup line.
    • Being BOC free means that the mineral powders will not reflect on camera or cast a grey shadow in photography shots.
  • Every powder formulation in the line (including eyeshadows and blush) include Peptides.
    • Peptides help to tighten and rejuvenate the skin; this is an effective anti-aging product
  • The line includes customizable palettes in all sizes
    • Make one for work with bronzer, blush, gloss and concealer
    • Make a palette for night with smoky eyeshadows and a lipstick
    • Have all your basics together , with pressed foundation, concealer, and blush

There are 12 shades of foundation.  As they say we cover complexions from “Sweden to Africa”.

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