Debra Messing’s Makeup at the Emmy’s 2009

Debra Messing Emmy Awards 2009

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My girlfriend Lisa and I have dinner nights and watch Will and Grace at least once a month.  Amazingly enough we can still recite all the lines from that show.  It is still as funny today as it was when it aired.  I still use Grace’s  line, “You don’t know me!” when my girlfriends call me out my ridiculous behavior.

Debra Messing is known for her impeccable comedic timing, and physical humor.  Her new role in The Starter Wife has shown her range as a dramatic actress, and proven that Will and Grace was not her only iconic performance.  Can you tell how much I adore her!?

Her longtime makeup artist Carol Shaw tells us how to recreate Debra’s  look using her line LORAC cosmetics.


  • Shaw broke out her Red Carpet Reveal Palette, using the first shade to highlight under Debra’s brow, the second shade on her lids and creases, and the third shade on her lid.
  •  She applied black liner on her lower lash line, then smudged black eye shadow on her lids, and finished with a couple coats of black Special Effects Mascara.



*The Red Carpet Reveal Palette is an amazing palette to use for both day and night.  Keep this in your office desk drawer to take your look from the office to an evening out on the town!

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