Day to Night Transformation in Minutes

Red lipstick application day to night makeup

The makeup routine that you wear may be appropriate during the day whether you are at work or school, but it is definitely not going to have that same enticing effect once happy hour arises. To continue rocking on into the night, you will need to amp up your makeup and turn it up a few notches. Read on and follow these tips for your best night ever without even starting over your makeup at all.

To save you precious time, your nighttime look is merely a more sophisticated version of your daytime look. Whether you may be going on a dreamy romantic date or hitting the clubs or bar for an edgy night, the trick is to keep you makeup crisp and clean without looking overdone like a clown. Be sure to be in a well-lit place and not at the bar or your car when you do these touch-ups because you will add on more colors than you need when you are in a low lit area.

Clean up
The first step is to clean up and remove any damages that had happened throughout the day. Use blotting papers to remove any oils, dirt, and shine that may have built up over the span of the entire day. Gently wipe away any eye makeup that may have smeared or faded and sweep away any eyeshadow powder that may have fallen on your cheeks. Next, touch up your foundation and concealer as needed. (Optional: Add a dab of liquid illuminator to the top of your cheekbone and the tip of your nose for added highlight.) Finally, lightly dust on some transparent finishing powder to keep your face matte and shine-free all night long.

Effortless & Enchanting:
For an elegant, glamorous evening, go with alluring eyes and desirable, kissable lips.


  • Apply a darker shade of your daytime eyeshadow to your eyelids and your bottom lashes to slightly dramatize your eyes.
  • Add a little of the daytime color above the creases and the outside corner of your eyes and blend it well for a smokey effect.
  • Slightly thicken and wing out the eyeliner of your top lashes. Then lightly line your bottom lashes starting from the middle and work your way to the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Next, fill in or darken your brows if needed.
  • Finally, apply a few individual false lashes to the outer corners of each eye for a soft touch of sexiness.
  • Only apply a single layer of mascara to the outer corners lashes to blend in your fake lashes. Avoid adding mascara on the rest of your lashes because coating new mascara on previous layers will usually result clumps to form.

Cheeks: Moderately swirl on some blush on the apples of your cheek and blend it well into the lower corner of your temples for the perfect rosy complexion.


  • Pucker up and this date just cannot get any better! A deep, rich red color gives off the perfect level of intensity, so much that your date cannot keep his eyes off of your luscious lips when you speak.
  • To get lasting color and precision, start by tracing the natural border of your moth with a shade of red lip pencil that is darker than your lipstick.
  • Dab on some shimmery clear gloss in the center of your lips for extra poutiness and shine.

Finishing off:
Taking a big, fluffy brush, gently sweep it all over your face to take away any excess or fall-outs. Lastly, spritz a makeup setting spray 2-3 times on your entire face, and you are ready for what the night has in store for you. Have fun and be safe!

By Erica Sun

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