New and Old Ghostbusters

Buckner/Variety/Rex/Shutterstock The tide is turning. Ghostbusters has been re-made. A reboot, by director Paul Feig, features four fantastic ghostbusting babes: Kristen Wiig (whom Feig directed in Bridesmaids), Melissa McCarthy (of Feig’s Spy), Kate McKinnon (SNL’s secret weapon for the last couple of years), and Leslie Jones (in Trainwreck and whose comedy resume goes back further […]

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Why Is Hillary Clinton So Polarizing Among Women?

Hillary Clinton Polarizing Woman in American Politics

Illustration by William Bahan We don’t understand why women have such deep-seated issues with Hillary Clinton. We appreciate why some women might not love her, or not like her that much, but to … hate her? Why is Hillary Clinton One of the Most Polarizing Figures in American Politics? She’s Driven and Successful: Does her […]

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How To Let Go Of Your Frenemy

Illustration by Suzy Birmingham She’s Regina George; you’re Cady Heron. She flirts with your new boy toy, she only talks about herself, or she’s just a magnetic to drama. Of all the complicated relationships we have today, the frenemy is a very specific one: Over her? Hate her? Used to love her? She pushes your buttons, but […]

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How To Make Friends As An Adult

Photo via Fashion Was Here It’s Best Friend Month over here at The Makeup Blogger, and we’re talking about how to make new friends as adults.  While we love our current girl gangs, here’s a scary reality:  It’s been proven that women start to have significantly smaller social circles after their mid-twenties.  And here’s the […]

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Why I love Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer at the Golden Globes 2016

Image courtesy of Getty Amy Schumer has basically taken over the world in the last year or so. She received 2 Golden Globe nominations; 2 Critics’ Choice nominations and won Best Actress in a Comedy, as well as the MVP Award. This bad-ass stars in her own show on Comedy Central, does standup specials, and […]

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In honor of Maya Angelou

Yesterday silenced the writer in me.  I was heartbroken to learn of Maya Angelou’s passing, considering how much her life, words and wisdom influenced mine.  Her courage, grace and strength have always embodied what it means to be beautiful to me.  In her honor, today I wanted to share one of my favorite poems from […]

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