Fact: Men Are Vainer Than Women

Vanity and male celebrities

As The Makeup Blogger’s resident pop culture anthropologist, the 2017 Golden Globes stood out in a number of ways to me. It wasn’t just Meryl Streep’s speech or the triumph of diversity, it was the egregious use of male bronzer. Perhaps it was my friend’s HDTV, or maybe it was the poor blending job along […]

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3 Ways To Attain Zen Through the Holidays

How to maintain Holiday Zen

If you love to buy gifts for your family, hum carols while you shop, or get orgasmic planning tablescapes… This post is not for you.   I’m here to speak to the holiday curmudgeons, those of us who feel pressure throughout the season and end up mainlining chocolate to survive conversations with weird uncles and […]

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When Your Imaginary Boyfriend is Barack Obama

We tried “running into” Valerie Jarrett at the Karma Beauty Lounge over a mani/pedi. We’ve flirted with Secret Service agents.  We’ve even applied to be dog walkers for Sunny and Bo… because when you have an undying uber-crush on the swaggerlicious Barack Obama, you’ll do just about anything. Never before have we felt so swoony […]

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Beauty Apps Every Modern Lady Needs To Download Now

Illustration by Rebecca Flato What did we even do before our phones had apps for everything?  Counting our steps, arranging a ride for adult beveraging, ordering dinner during our evening commute… Thankfully, beauty apps have also jumped on the train of innovation.  From on-demand services to virtual beauty experiences, beauty apps have made our habits […]

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