Crème de la Mer The Regenerating Serum

We all know that I am gaga for Crème de la Mer.  I use it both personally, and professionally, and have gotten many friends and clients hooked on their products.

Their newest revelation is the Regenerating Serum.  I was able to get my hands on a tiny sample (which I am treating like gold, and trying to savor every drop!), and as always, I was thrilled with the product.  I put it to the ultimate test; I applied it after a night of drinking red wine with my girlfriends, and staying up until a ridiculous hour.

The result was pure awesomeness. Instead of looking like a tired wino, I still looked pretty darn good considering the night before. My skin was rosy, tight, and refreshed. Magic, I tell you!

A powerful anti-aging trio:

1. A high concentrate of The Miracle Broth™
2. The Marine Peptide Ferment
3. The Regenerating Ferment


– The stem cells of a marine plant Eryngium Maritimum are harvested and grown in a lab through sustainable processes.
– The Regenerating Ferment™ helps skin trigger its natural production of elastin, collagen, and other “youth proteins,” harnessing the power of the skin’s ability to renew its appearance.
– In a day, skin looks rejuvenated.
– With continued use, the appearance of lines,pores and wrinkles is radically diminished for a seemingly ageless look.
– This multi-action serum accomplishes all of these feats with a lightweight suspension formula that’s friendly to all skin types.
– Infused with marine plant stem cells and colloidal gold.
– Helps skin trigger this natural production of “youth proteins,” collagen and elastin.
– Together they work to help radically diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
– Diminishes the appearance of pores, revealing a vibrant, smoother and firmer looking complexion.

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