CoverGirl Gracie Gold Q&A

CoverGirl Gracie Gold Q&A

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Figure Skater and COVERGIRL Gracie Gold Talk Beauty Secrets and the Winter Olympics  

All American girl and renowned figure skater Gracie Gold is proving to young girls everywhere that you truly can have it all. With several medals already under her belt including her 2012 U.S. Junior National silver medal and her placement of 6th overall in the World Championship, Gracie is going for the big win this time at the 2014 Winter Olympics. In addition to her impressive career, Gold recently landed a spot as COVERGIRL’s newest face. Oh and did we mention, she’s only 18 years old? We recently had a chance to chat with Gracie about her COVERGIRL experience as well as the upcoming games. Here’s what the Olympic bound beauty had to say.

TMB: Please tell us about your contract with Cover Girl.

GG: I was so thrilled when COVERGIRL approached me with this opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to be a COVERGIRL?! Every girl, when you start playing around with makeup and see the ads on TV, everyone always looks in their bathroom mirror and says “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful COVERGIRL.” My earliest memory is watching America’s Next Top Model – watching the girls practice sayings the brand’s tagline and thinking how great it would be to do that.

TMB: Which products are your favorite and why?

GG: The entire Lip Perfection line. I like Hot, Seduce, and Spellbound.

TMB: Is it difficult to be a strong and successful athlete and still be seen as a beautiful young woman?

GG: I don’t think it is as hard in figure skating, but it can be in other winter sports that have a lot of gear. It’s harder for figure skaters to be seen as strong, real athletes.

TMB: What advice would you give to other young women out there?

GG: Don’t let others limit your dreams. A positive attitude is really important to success.

TMB: How are you preparing for the upcoming games?

GG: To prepare, I’m doing a lot of on and off ice training. We do competition simulations to get in the mindset. I’m also trying to master all of the makeup tips so I can look flawless.

TMB: What are you most looking forward to at the Winter Games?

GG: I’m looking forward to competing against the best of the best – what an honor! What’s really special about this Olympics is the opportunity to compete in the first team event for figure skating.

TMB: What’s your typical beauty routine?

GG: I wash my face in the morning with an oil free cleanser. Then I moisturize with the Olay Complete All Day oil free moisturizer. I actually moisturize three times a day – in the morning, after I skate and before bed. After moisturizing, I apply a light concealer under my eyes and over small blemishes. Then, I apply COVERGIRL Bombshell mascara. I just started using it and I love it because it does the job of two mascaras – it gives my lashes volume and gives them an intense black look. And I finish off with a red lip and dust my face with a COVERGIRL pressed powder.

TMB: Any beauty blunders in your past?

GG: Bangs!

We have high hopes for Gracie Gold this year, in all aspects of her life. With such natural talent, determination, and a flawless COVERGIRL face, this beauty going to be seeing nothing but the gold!


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