Cover FX MintGlaze FX Lip Primer SPF 15

Cover FX MintGlaze FX Lip Primer SPF 15


Hello, my name Christina and I am a lipbalmaholic.  I have three in my purse, at least four in my bathroom, and two on my nightstand.  I have a problem.

My newest addiction is CoverFX MintGlaze FX Lip Primer Spf 15.  It is delicious.  It’s epic how silky and luscious this feels when you swipe it across your lips.  The texture is smooth, the shine is sexy, and the mint makes my lips tingly (which I love).   I have used this as a night balm, or even under my lipsticks to give a sheerer look.   Let’s be honest here, I use it all the time….any excuse I can find to apply this baby to my pucker. Now, CoverFX is not only the foundation expert, they are my secret weapon for a perfectly hydrated pout.   The secret is below:

– A protective, volumizing and fortifying glazed balm to maintain youthful lips.
– It is a pout perfecting primer that hydrates & softens the appearance of lines.
– Lip Fill Technology Peptides + Hyaluronic Acid: Restores lip density and volume and increases collagen synthesis.
– Vitamins F.A.C.E. Concentrate: Contains F – Fortifying Omega 3 fatty acid, A – Anti-Age retinol to reduce wrinkles, C – proCollagen to redensify, E – Anti-oxidant protects collagen & elastin fibers.
– Lipid Captors: Contains Vitamin F + Shea Butter: Contains natural lipid barrier to reduce TEWL and instantly softens and comforts lips.
– Peppermint Oil: Provides cool freshness and is anti-bacterial.

On that note….it’s time to reapply!!

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