How To Contour Your Neck

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Today we’re going to be talking about contour makeup for a wrinkled neck. Now, if you’re feeling insecure about any type of wrinkles on your neck, it’s very easily fixable with contour makeup, which helps to shadow any fine lines and highlight the areas that you want to enhance. Please make sure to use a soft application with this, and practice until the look is barely noticeable, and just a soft enhancement!

Step one, use a darker contour color along the outer corners of your jawline and under your chin, take a softer, warmer color as well to blend that together.

Step two, take a darker color along the outer parts of your neck where the wrinkles tend to sometimes be a little bit more prominent.
Step three, use a highlighter color down the center of your neck to soften any wrinkles and to make the neck look elongated. And, there you have it, contour techniques to hide a wrinkled neck.

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