Claire Julien’s Victorian-Inspired Braids Are Seriously Amazing

Claire Julien Braids
Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Claire Julien hit the red carpet last night for the New York premiere of “The Bling Ring”, which I cannot wait to see! The young Hollywood starlet donned a cool ethereal low knotted Halo Braid that showed off her amazing Emillio Pucci ensemble. Her hairstylist Christopher Naselli explains how he created this hairstyle.

“For this event, we wanted a fresh look that was youthful & sexy, yet playful with the right amount of elegance .”

Here’s how I used Oribe products to achieve her stunning style:

1. First I applied Grandiouse Hair Plumping Mousse to damp hair from roots to mid-shaft for maximum volume and texture, then a few drops of Gold Lust from mid-shaft to ends for smoother ends. Rough dry hair with fingers lifting only at the roots.

2. Create a messy side part and lightly mist top and side sections with Volumista and blast with blow dryer as your misting sections to add a second layer of texture.

3. Start to braid at the left temple, angling back and down just under the occipital bone.

4. Braid the side and back into a French Braid working your way all the way around to just under the right ear. At this point take remaining hair and start to tie into knots until you run out of hair. Secure ends with an elastic . Then bend up and across the top of head leaving out the fringe. Tuck the ends of braid, secure with pin to the top of head. Take a few more pins and secure braid in place.

5. Work your way around the braid and mist with Thick Dry Finishing Spray then open the braid by pulling the sides to create a bigger looser feel.

6. Tuck the fringe behind ear or just leave out for a softer feel.

7. Finish with Superfine for hold.


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