Cargo Water Resistant Bronzer

This summer I have decided to say goodbye to my Scottish paleness.  My new blonde locks demand so.  No worries, I have not jumped off the deep end and gone into full beach bunny mode.  But, I have accepted the fact that a little golden color to my skin does in fact make me look better, look healthier, and dare I say skinnier?!

So, I have braved the sun, melted quite a bit, and turned my fair skin into a semblance of a tan (or did my freckles simply blend?).  Yes, I was safe; I used SPF, and waited a ridiculously long time to gain color.  It was worth it though.  *sigh*

Once I started rocking a light bronze glow, I had to run out and buy a new summer bronzer to match.  Cargo WaterResistant Bronzer did just the trick, and the water-resistant goodness seals the deal of perfection.  I have sweated, melted, and lasted all night with this epic wonder.  I really does give you a glow that will last through the heatwave.  And, it is buildable, so you can start off a light glow and build color as you get darker over the summer.  How thoughtful of them!

Here are the details:

  • NO messy brown streaks!
  • Imparts an effortless summer glow that stays put rain or shine.
  • Has been tested by the make-up artist for Dancing With The Stars on the latest live tour. Water Resistant Bronzer stood up to hours of dancing!
  • This longwearing formula withstands perspirations so you don’t have to fuss with re- application.
  • The specialized formula contains a unique silicone-coated talc that provides better adhesion to the skin and withstands water.
  • L-lysine: An amino acid which increases the long wearing and water resistant properties
  • Light Diffusers: These ultra fine particles work to scatter the light from the face giving a diffused effect for an impeccably perfect glow.

Makeup Artist Tip: Using a soft fluffy crease brush,  gently swipe the Cargo bronzer over your concealer to warm it up over the summer and create a water-resistant setting powder.

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