CARGO Blu_Ray High Definition Powder

Cargo Blu-Ray HD powder


Everyone is constantly hearing about High Definition,  and the new product launches that claim they are made for “High Definition” products.  The one question I consistently get from my clients is “what does high definition mean to me, and why do I need these products”.

The easiest way to explain High Definition products is that it imparts a soft focus finish, and helps to naturally diffuse flaws by working with the light around you.  It essentially gives you a flawless finish, that provides great coverage while looking completely natural.

One of my first forays into High Definition products was with Cargo High Definition Powder.   I use the entire line of Cargo Blu Ray in my kit, and personally use the extra light powder for mid-day touchups, or to provide a more full coverage over my normal foundations.  This powder is magic.  It imparts a full, yet natural coverage, and evens out any skin tone irregularities.

Here are the details:

– Photochromatic pigments adjust with the lighting so that you have natural looking makeup no matter what the setting.
– Ultra-fine micronized minerals fill the look of fine lines and reduce the appearance of imperfections.
– An irregular particle size creates light dispersion, an effect that softens the look of the skin tone.
– This oil-free powder is perfect whether you are getting married, going to your prom, having portraits taken, or simply want to look fabulous anytime.
– Comes in a sleek black compact for convenient touch-up on the go.


  1. ooh. i’ve been meaning to try this out. now it’s a def must try since the makeup blogger recommends it! =) can’t wait to see what you’ll review next~*

  2. Your blog is amazing Christina! I´m a make-up artist from Norway and been reading your blog for a while now, using your tips on my norwegian blog, and the response is awsome! It makes me happy to see others with such a passion for make-up.. Keep on doing what you´re doing, your tips and facts are the greatest tips, and because of your blog I have found so many great make-up artist blogs and make-up brands I´ve never even heard of.. Love it! Have a good day!

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