Cara Delevingne at the Cannes Film Festival

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She has graced the pages of some of the top fashion magazines in the world and is Burberry’s leading lady, but whether you love Cara Delevingne for her personal style, her gorgeous blonde hair, or those unbelievably sexy brows, there’s no doubt that the look she sported at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival is one to copy. Yes we know, she broke the makeup artist cardinal rule; (either bold eyes OR bold lips, never both), but when you look this gorgeous, you can afford to be a rebel.


– Cara’s skin in the photo is not only picture perfect, it’s also beautifully dewy.
– To copy this look, try Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation.
– Next, apply Stila Sheer Pressed Powder to the t-zone only, as you want to avoid the matte look.


– Cara’s cheeks have a barely there glow about them which is important when you’re rocking a bold lip and eye.
– For this look, skip the blush completely and instead sweep a bit of bronzing powder across cheekbones and along the hairline.
– We like Elizabeth Arden Medium Bronzing Powder.


– It’s difficult to complete any Cara Delevingne look without emphasizing a strong brow. If you’re naturally blessed with full brows, you may be able to get away with just a touch of brow gel to keep them in place.
– For the rest of us, grab some brow powder, like LORAC’s Take a Brow, and start filling in the gaps.
– For the eyes, begin with a medium grey shadow like the shade, “S & M” from Urban Decay. Apply this color from the upper lashline to just above the crease of the eye.
– Next, use a black shadow like the shade, “Blackout” from Urban Decay, and apply from the upper lashine to the crease of the eye, extending up and out in the corners.
– Apply the same color to the lower lashline, from the middle of the eye into the corner.
– Now you will need a good black kohl liner like Smashbox’s waterproof kohl liner in the shade, “Raven”.
– Apply a thick line from corner to corner of the upper lashline and extend out and up as you did with the shadow.
– Then apply a thinner line to the bottom lashline from mid eye to outer corner.
– Follow up with another sweep of your black shadow, slightly smudging the liner on both the top and bottom lashlines.
– Finish the eyes with several coats of thickening black mascara like Bobbie Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara.


– Cara’s lips are a statement all by themselves but really only require a quick coat of gloss.
– For this look, we like Buxom’s Full-Bodied Lipgloss in the shade, “Hot Mama”.
– For added drama, pair this look with bright red nails and gorgeous locks.

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