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For a time, it seemed like skincare treatments were becoming more and more horror-movie-like (vampire facials! snail slime! leech face-lifts!), but these days, skin care is becoming a lot more… chill. There’s been a lot of talk lately about how to use cannabis not just for recreational use but also for vanity purposes. I noticed the buzz bubbling up, with more and more talk of slathering cannabis on your face.

Until recently, cannabis was primarily known for its most active ingredient, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that compels you to jam to Bob Marley. But marijuana contains another substance I certainly haven’t been paying much attention to until recently: cannabidiol (CBD), which is not psychoactive.

Research has only recently begun to uncover CBD’s potential medical benefits. When you consume CBD, it’s been a proven aid for nausea, inflammation, pain and anxiety. For someone like me, a nature lover and an anti-corporate type, these findings felt like a game-changer. And I wondered: Can CBD also be an earth-given gift for our complexions?

Skin-similla: What About CBD Is Good for Your Beauty Routine?

First and foremost, don’t confuse CBD oil with hemp seed oil. The main difference between them, aside from the fact that they’re made from different parts of the plant, is the amount of CBD each contains. Hemp is very low in CBD — usually less than 25 parts per million, or none at all. CBD oil, however, can range anywhere from 2 percent to 99.9 percent.

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Chart

Science suggests CBD is the crème de la crème of herb-infused skin-care products. For example, one study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that CBD can be used as a treatment for more serious skin diseases like psoriasis. But on an even more fundamental level, CBD may help skin fight against everyday wear-and-tear. That’s because CBD contains all 21 amino acids, according to a report published in Hemp Line Journal, that supply nutrients to nourish the skin, hair and nails.

Hemp Line Journal also reports that CBD is rich in essential fatty acids that play an important role in skin’s health, including omega-3 and omega-6, that help ward off skin issues related to sun exposure, pollution, weather changes and dry climates. Topping that off, CBD is a neuroprotective antioxidant more powerful than vitamin C, E, A or omega-3 fatty acids.

In comparison, coconut oil, a beloved holistic remedy for skin ailments and renowned promoter of glistening skin, only contains some amino acids, as reported by Healthline, and does not actually contain omega-3 fatty acids at all. So if your skin is feeling and looking dull, suffering from acne breakouts, or premature aging, CBD may be your answer. (You can still use coconut oil for your veggie stir-fry, though.)

Dazed and Infused: Getting the Best CBD Oil

If you’re intrigued, make sure the CBD products you buy aren’t from companies selling hemp oil with little or no actual cannabinoid profile (and calling it CBD oil). Look for products that boast proper testing, transparency and safety. Look for a pharmacist-formulated, certified-organic variety cultivated to the highest standards of medical plant use.

Of course, I’m not saying anything with even high-quality CBD oil is worth the buy. Here are 3 cannabis beauty and skincare products that bliss me out:

Hempgenix AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizing Lotion Cream

Hempgenix AM:PM Anti-Aging Moisturizing Lotion Cream Pure Hemp

Hempgenix AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizing Lotion Cream $34.99


Best for: A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles without breaking the bank

I came across the Hempgenix brand (known for its quality in the CBD world) while I was looking for an anti-aging lotion. The moisturizer contains over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids, which occur naturally in the cannabis plant. It’s also rich in antioxidants with amino acids and fatty acids.

I was happy to see the cream actually reduced the appearance of my crow’s feet and forehead lines after a month of using it. My skin felt tighter, too. (On the flip side, my generic anti-aging cream seemed to only moisturize, but I didn’t see any of these same changes on the surface.) Yes!


CBD Oil for Life Shampoo & Conditioner


CBD Shampoo


CBD conditioner

CBD for Life Shampoo and Conditioner$25.00 each


Best for: A quality alternative to generic haircare products

I have REALLY thick hair, and feel like the only way to get it clean and conditioned is to resort to the brands that have foaming agents and preservatives that always seem to make my skin dry and irritated. Every time I try a shampoo that’s nil of the generic ingredients, my hair ends up feeling greasy, while the conditioner doesn’t seem to do anything but dry my hair out.

I am super skeptical about any shampoo and conditioner (even if they’re celebrity endorsed or on QVC), because my hair is just a lover of knots and tangles. But I tried CBD for Life’s shampoo and conditioner, and WOW.

The products are a blend of essential oils, natural botanicals and the highest-quality CBD. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean without being stripped of its natural oils, while the conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky soft and light.


Herb Essntls Lip Balm

HerbEssentials-CannabisLipBalm CBD Oil

Herb Essntls Lip Balm $12

Best for: Stubbornly dry lips

I’m so obsessed with lip balm that if I don’t have it on me, I freak out and hallucinate desert-dry lips even when they’re perfectly moist. A friend turned me onto this when I was getting intrigued by the CBD world. I am absolutely in love.

I’ve found that not all balms are created equal, with some of the most natural brands sort of sitting on top of my lips rather than penetrating my skin to provide healing qualities. CBD helps rebuild your lips’ natural oil barrier to keep them hydrated and prevent moisture loss.

Being someone who travels to many different climates in a short period of time, I can say Herb Essntls lip balm really does prove to heal.

Since CBD oil was only a part of these formulas it’s too early to tell if CBD in skin care is just a fad, but I hope it isn’t. Sure, there are a ton of other natural ingredients that boast lots of similar benefits, but very few products have made me double-take myself when I glance at a mirror. I would dare to say that despite the fact that it isn’t known for its psychoactivity, CBD, perhaps, has made my skin as calm and high as ever.



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  1. This is a wonderful, informative post! I have often been questioned about whether hemp products I use such as hemp seed oil and hemp milk are safe and how they relate to the marijuana plant. I never knew the answer to these questions except to say that they are a different part of the plant that doesn’t contain THC. Now I truly understand the difference! Thank you.

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