Yes, You Can Pull Off Bright Eyeshadow

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I’m addicted to eye shadow and lipstick, which means I try a little of everything. I don’t believe women should have to stick with pastels, browns and translucent glitter (if they’re feeling brave). You have more options. Take a look at eye shadow colors the next time you’re out shopping. Notice all the bright greens, blues, purples, oranges, etc. You get the picture. They’re pretty right? Don’t walk away from them.

Believe it or not, you can pull of this bright beauty trend, especially during spring and summer.

  • Start by choosing a bright version of one of your favorite colors. For example: I know paler versions worked well with my complexion, so I chose a bright green to start my experiment to see what does and doesn’t work.
  • Start with something similar to a color you’re already comfortable with. It’ll make the transition from normal to bright easier.

You don’t have to be an expert makeup artist or a runway model to make your eyes look good with a bright eye shadow.

  • Start by applying a pale base color. This helps blend the bright color and helps you avoid more of a clown hit by a flower look.
  • If it still too bright or bold for comfort, blend in a neutral color with a bit of shine or sparkle. The light reflects, creating more of a glow than straight neon.

One mistake most people make at first is trying to color coordinate. Never try to match your bright eye shadow with your outfit exactly. Bright green shirt plus bright green shadow results in a not so cute leprechaun. Don’t make this mistake. Use colors that complement each other, but not something that’s identical.

To avoid the amateur look, use bright shadow as part of a smokey eye look. Darker colors compliment bright colors perfectly. Buying color palettes with light, bright and dark shades takes the guess work out of finding the right color combo.

As with many makeup styles, your look should change for different situations and times of day.

  • For day or professional situations, tone down the brightness. You don’t have to go full out pale, but take a little easy on the layering.
  • When you leave work, brighten it up! Be brave.

Go bright and have fun experimenting with different colors to see what works best with your skin and I promise you’ll wonder why you ever stuck with dull colors!

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  1. I have to agree with you. Never try to color coordinate your eyeshadow with your outfit. I’ve felt it’s much more important to create contrast rather than match. Anyone can wear bright colors it just has to be done right.

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