Boots No.7 Skincare

With all of the new anti-aging technology out on the market today, it is hard to discern which brand will deliver results, and won’t deplete your bank account.  I have always been astonished by the ridiculous price tags of some of the “top anti-aging” skincare brands.  Really?  Why do I have to pony up the cost of my rent to get decent skin?!  Ladies, I know that we are trying to soften our lines and keep that youthful glow, but I am going to go broke at this rate! (we all know that I have a bad La Mer habit as it is!).

So, you can imagine my relief when I was introduced to Boots No.7, and was given the chance to try out this very affordable and well known skincare line.  Boots has been around for over 160 years, and has been #1 in the UK for over 75 years, and considering that I adore everything that comes from the UK (TopShop, Monty Python, Hugh Grant…I could go on forever), I was more than excited to give this a go!

I am happy to say that all the good things you have heard about Boots No.7 is true.  There is a reason the editors adore this brand.  Not only is it a fantastic bang for your buck, but it is loaded with powerful botanicals that have been scientifically proven to give the same results as their more expensive competitors.  The best part is that this amazing line is now available to everyone at our favorite store: Target!  I have been using and loving this product the most.  More reviews to come soon.

Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum:  Soft, smooth and lightweight.  Oprah Magazine boasted in their December ’09 issue that ” Our friends who used it actually canceled their Botox appointments… No wonder the serum continues to cause plenty of buzz, it works!”

– It glides onto the skin, immediately improving the skin’s radiance.
– It visibly reduces the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles when used long  term.
– With results of an independent 12 month clinical study published in the British Journal of Dermatology.
– Firming Complex and Alfalfa extract work to boost collagen and elastin content in the skin, smoothing out lines and firming the surface of the skin.
– Unique Antioxidant Complex (Mulberry, Ginseng, Vitamin C) helps prevent damage from free radicals linked to sun exposure, air conditioning and pollution.
– Larch Extract to help tone and tighten the skin.
– Pro Retinol Vitamin A works at the surface of the skin to normalise skin cell renewal – leaving the skin looking smoother and plumper.


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