How To Blend Blue and Brown Eyeshadow…Yes, Seriously!

Kevin James Bennett Interview

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

I recently filmed a series of videos for Style.  In this first video, I describe how to incorportate blue shadows and liners into your daily routine of brown shadows and neutral looks.

I always recommend using the blue eyeshadow or eyeliners as an accent color.  They are an amazing way to update your everyday look!

  • The great thing about mixing blue and brown shadows is that you can use either a warm brown or a cool brown and it will work either way…..Use whatever basic browns you have in your make up arsenal and you’re good to go.
  • Now comes the blue. So, with the blue eye liner, you want to press right into the lash line. You don’t want it to be too thick. The trick is, instead of trying to go all the way across in one line, go in tiny little steps and push that color into the lash. That will ensure that you get a really nice, nice line.
  • The next step is blending. I blended  the eyeliner with a really beautiful shimmery navy  eyeshadow.

This technique is going to give you a really beautiful alternative to the evening smoky eye. I use this trick myself all the time when I’m going out at night. You still get that hint of blue but it’s not overpowering the eye.

The products I used are:

  • Make Up Forever Aqua Liner in Navy Blue 3L
  • Make Up Forever Eyeshadow in Mettalic Navy Blue Iridescent 81
  • Make Up Forever Eyeshadow in Cafe Latte 164 – matte light brown

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