Best Oils for your Face and Body

Patyka Absolis Face and Body Serum

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As you know, I love any multi-tasking beauty products. Odds are, you’ve already tried oils for your hair, but what about your face? Honestly, I was amazed to find that a lot of the oil treatments I used to soften my hair and treat my scalp were also wonderful for my face. Instead of buying multiple products, I found a few combination oils that do it all. I am a huge believer in the benefits of oils, and could go on forever with this list, but for now I will stick to the two that I am currently loving.

Garnier Miracle Dry Oil

Don’t let the name fool you. The dry part just means the oil dries to a lightweight finish. I love that it’s both budget friendly and works on hair, face and body. While it didn’t contain some of the oils I was used to seeing, the shea, olive and avocado oils did do wonders to tame frizz, battle dry skin and best yet, didn’t leave any oily residue. If you’re new to oil treatments, this may be a great start.

Patyka Absolis Face and Body Serum

At around $50, this isn’t exactly a low cost option, however it does work wonders and it takes very little so you’ll be using the same bottle for a while. Jam packed with over 12 essential and vegetable oils that regenerate, nourish, and tone, this is an elegant and worthy oil. Complete with Olive Oil, Rose Hip, and Red Mandarin oils, it gives your face and hair a nourishing reprieve.

Create Your Own

I’m all for DIY beauty. If you want to try something else or want to create your own, I recommend using coconut oil, argan oil and/or extra virgin olive oil. All are great for hair and skin and they’re a great budget friendly option.


  1. I forgot about that Garnier Oil! I have that one in my closet! Must pull it out and use it again as I do like it! 🙂

  2. That Patyka Absolis Face and Body Serum sounds heavenly. You can’t put a price on a good oil!

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